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Altmar, Oswego, New York


Latitude: 43.51580645, Longitude: -76.07835908205547


Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anson, Clifford   I78788
2 Beeman, George  24 Nov 1856Altmar, Oswego, New York I53505
3 Claflin, Harry James  2 Jun 1884Altmar, Oswego, New York I90643
4 Clark, Margery  15 Jun 1856Altmar, Oswego, New York I87200
5 Cronk, Allen  1975Altmar, Oswego, New York I14692
6 Cronk, Bert L  25 Nov 1945Altmar, Oswego, New York I2306
7 Cronk, Chris  1968Altmar, Oswego, New York I14842
8 Cronk, Darwin Leland  14 Sep 1948Altmar, Oswego, New York I2310
9 Cronk, Evelyn Frances   I2304
10 Cronk, Janet  1978Altmar, Oswego, New York I14547
11 Cronk, Jerry  19 Feb 1966Altmar, Oswego, New York I15049
12 Cronk, John Thomas  4 Nov 1951Altmar, Oswego, New York I2305
13 Cronk, Norman F  1963Altmar, Oswego, New York I456
14 Cronk, Peggy  1959Altmar, Oswego, New York I14917
15 Cronk, Penny  15 Jun 1960Altmar, Oswego, New York I10946
16 Cronk, Terry L.   I4870
17 Cronk, Warren jr  1961Altmar, Oswego, New York I14991
18 Downs, Charles Edward  1 Feb 1910Altmar, Oswego, New York I56329
19 Ellis, Evelyn  4 Apr 1920Altmar, Oswego, New York I56492
20 Hamblin, Ella Emma  Abt 1907Altmar, Oswego, New york I83417
21 Harris, Marion Emily  30 Jul 1901Altmar, Oswego, New York I50375
22 Miller, Mary Mae  14 Oct 1922Altmar, Oswego, New York I45575
23 Paddock, Mary Josephine  2 May 1916Altmar, Oswego, New York I50052
24 Seamans, Robert Germain  1 Feb 1915Altmar, Oswego, New York I61004
25 Sheeley, Ross Forrester  15 Dec 1896Altmar, Oswego, New York I65201
26 Towsley, Charles Aldon  25 Oct 1858Altmar, Oswego, New York I66905
27 Trumble, Genevieve Marilyn  7 Feb 1953Altmar, Oswego, New York I52261
28 Trumble, Spencer F  22 Jun 1941Altmar, Oswego, New York I17919
29 Whitney, Dewitt A.  6 Aug 1847Altmar, Oswego, New York I72105


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bennett, Catherine E.  3 Nov 1909Altmar, Oswego, New York I87951
2 Corcoran, Francis John  24 Feb 2006Altmar, Oswego, New York I2150
3 Davidson, Eugenia  3 Mar 2006Altmar, Oswego, New York I56057
4 Doane, Henry  10 Dec 1911Altmar, Oswego, New York I37198
5 Murdock, Phila  28 Dec 1873Altmar, Oswego, New York I47878
6 Parkhurst, Emmerette  23 Dec 1917Altmar, Oswego, New York I65986
7 Puoskari, Aini Emilia  19 Nov 1971Altmar, Oswego, New York I6150
8 Sloper, William  30 Apr 1891Altmar, Oswego, New York I47877
9 Stenson, Isabelle June  16 Jan 2001Altmar, Oswego, New York I5585
10 Towsley, Charles Aldon  19 Mar 1925Altmar, Oswego, New York I66905
11 White, Delia Elvira  29 Sep 1918Altmar, Oswego, New York I65826


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Dale / Scranton  11 Oct 1929Altmar, Oswego, New York F64391
2 Dawley / Miller  5 Nov 1919Altmar, Oswego, New York F20516
3 Dawley / Smith  21 Feb 1908Altmar, Oswego, New York F3158
4 Grant / Ackerman   F17074
5 Potter / Colvin  14 Aug 1917Altmar, Oswego, New York F1113
6 Scott / White   F30926
7 Whaley / Doane  9 Mar 1908Altmar, Oswego, New York F11334