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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
2951 Weaver, Nancy  Abt 1845New York I1387 Tree2020 
2952 Weaver, Reynolds  Abt 1781New York I36501 Tree2020 
2953 Webb, Edna B.  1885New york I34937 Tree2020 
2954 Weed, Flora  1856New York I64160 Tree2020 
2955 Weed, James Willis  21 May 1874New York I64287 Tree2020 
2956 Weed, Jennie E.  5 Feb 1882New york I27916 Tree2020 
2957 Weed, Thomas Earle  1876New York I64166 Tree2020 
2958 Weiand, Betty Jane   I31634 Tree2020 
2959 Weiand, Dorothy Ann   I31642 Tree2020 
2960 Wells, Eugene  12 Oct 1857New york I47345 Tree2020 
2961 Wells, Jehiel G.  17 Jul 1820New York I71210 Tree2020 
2962 Wells, Jerobyne Josephine  Nov 1829New York I71349 Tree2020 
2963 Wells, Jerome B  Abt 1824New York I71253 Tree2020 
2964 Wells, Laura Ann  3 Aug 1824New York I71344 Tree2020 
2965 Wells, Nettie  1 Feb 1860New York I27138 Tree2020 
2966 Wente, Hilda E.  30 Sep 1892New York I36905 Tree2020 
2967 Wentworth, George W.  18 Jul 1834New York I81187 Tree2020 
2968 Wentworth, Hattie  1861New York I81609 Tree2020 
2969 Wessels, Mary Pearl  Feb 1871New York I34725 Tree2020 
2970 West, Addie M  Apr 1888New York I34508 Tree2020 
2971 West, Etta May  24 Apr 1888New York I36377 Tree2020 
2972 West, Frederick Levant  19 Jun 1880New York I41943 Tree2020 
2973 West, Genevieve Fern  9 May 1925New York I37761 Tree2020 
2974 West, Hubert J.  7 Mar 1858New York I60675 Tree2020 
2975 West, William H.  May 1847New York I71171 Tree2020 
2976 Westcott, Abbie  26 Jul 1847New York I76811 Tree2020 
2977 Westcott, Philena  1 Jan 1811New York I51206 Tree2020 
2978 Weston, Hellen A  Oct 1891New York I34864 Tree2020 
2979 Whaley, Andrew H  Abt 1874New York I72438 Tree2020 
2980 Whaley, Arthur  1837New York I72561 Tree2020 
2981 Whaley, Claude  Abt 1908New York I13564 Tree2020 
2982 Whaley, Dealia  Abt 1877New York I13430 Tree2020 
2983 Whaley, Earl  Abt 1910New York I13595 Tree2020 
2984 Whaley, Edwin S.  Abt 1875New York I13448 Tree2020 
2985 Whaley, Ethel  Abt 1906New York I13581 Tree2020 
2986 Whaley, Irving Edwin  14 Aug 1911New york I15992 Tree2020 
2987 Whaley, Leonard P  12 Jun 1897New York I13365 Tree2020 
2988 Whaley, Libbie  Abt 1879New York I13408 Tree2020 
2989 Whaley, Nellie  6 Nov 1891New York I13417 Tree2020 
2990 Whaley, Oakley  Abt 1904New York I13571 Tree2020 
2991 Whaley, Orla E.  10 May 1887New York I13356 Tree2020 
2992 Whaley, Richard C.  Abt 1869New York I13440 Tree2020 
2993 Whaley, Stanley Leonard  6 Jul 1916New York I16298 Tree2020 
2994 Whaley, Uria  Abt 1910New York I18351 Tree2020 
2995 Wheeler, Ella  Jun 1864New York I37173 Tree2020 
2996 Wheeler, Nettie L  Abt 1894New York I61328 Tree2020 
2997 Wheeler, Samantha  Apr 1852New York I10380 Tree2020 
2998 White, Abigail Lovina  1836New York I71951 Tree2020 
2999 White, Antoinette Maranda  1843New york I34532 Tree2020 
3000 White, Betsey Minerva  21 Jul 1838New York I65060 Tree2020 

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