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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
101 Bailey, Robert James  15 Jul 1892New york I63392
102 Bailey, Thomas Derrick  Dec 1856New york I64882
103 Bailey, William  22 Aug 1879New york I64884
104 Baker, Alonzo L.  Feb 1851New York I6796
105 Baker, Claude Dewitt  Aug 1879New York I2117
106 Baker, Elsie  Abt 1867New York I5808
107 Baker, Laton  14 Sep 1827New York I11286
108 Baker, Mary  Dec 1864New York I92626
109 Baker, Mildred  Abt 1867New York I16425
110 Balch, Susanna H  Abt 1827New York I85741
111 Balcom, Franklin W.  Jun 1857New York I1301
112 Balcom, Gertrude L.  Abt 1925New York I11404
113 Balcom, John E.  Abt 1897New York I5837
114 Balcom, Leslie D.  Abt 1905New York I10949
115 Baldwin, Anna Loretta  20 Feb 1903New York I14835
116 Baldwin, Steve J.  Mar 1860New York I12281
117 Ball, Caroline  Abt 1906New York I12130
118 Ball, Helen  Abt 1899New York I6959
119 Ball, Kathryn M.  Abt 1895New York I6958
120 Ball, Mary  Abt 1904New York I12123
121 Ball, Nickolas  Abt 1901New York I4072
122 Ballou, Unknown  7 Jul 1923New York I54605
123 Barclay, Helen Arlie  26 May 1920New York I50081
124 Barclay, James  Nov 1889New York I45900
125 Bargy, Sally Amie  Abt 1852New York I17359
126 Barker, Adeline 'Addie' Louise  Aug 1859New York I2843
127 Barker, Cora  Abt 1877New York I67469
128 Barker, Harvey A.  Abt 1910New York I67470
129 Barker, Irene  9 May 1905New York I64481
130 Barker, James R  10 Jan 1817New york I12862
131 Barker, Jennie  May 1880New York I64490
132 Barker, Minnie A  Abt 1893New York I89674
133 Barker, Oscar J.  Abt 1867New York I67473
134 Barlow, Mary Jane  Abt 1863New York I43755
135 Barlow, Phila Jeanette  24 Nov 1866New York I22042
136 Barnard, Anna Remsen  4 Jan 1860New York I15766
137 Barnard, Emma L  Abt 1862New York I39940
138 Barnard, Jennie L.  Sep 1874New York I88979
139 Barnes, Edith  19 Apr 1911New York I30360
140 Barnes, Elizabeth  Abt 1847New York I73424
141 Barnes, Horace E  Dec 1862New York I93915
142 Barnes, Irene Wentworth  Apr 1898New York I93917
143 Barnes, Velma Lucille  19 Oct 1913New york I29903
144 Bartlett, Arlene   I86802
145 Bartlett, Charlotte   I86799
146 Bartlett, Frank Harry  28 Nov 1891New York I86789
147 Bartlett, Franklin   I86791
148 Bartlett, Gloria   I86805
149 Bartlett, Harold  Abt 1921New York I86790
150 Bartlett, Ida Pearl  Abt 1922New York I86786

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