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Cornelius Martensen Wiltsie

Male 1691 - 1755  (64 years)

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  • Name Cornelius Martensen Wiltsie  [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
    Born 3 Apr 1691  Queens, Long Island, New York, USA Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Male 
    Died 15 Dec 1755  Fishkill, Dutchess County, New York, USA Find all individuals with events at this location 
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    Father Marten Hendricksen Wiltsee,   b. 3 Apr 1667,   d. 27 May 1742  (Age 75 years) 
    Relationship natural 
    Mother Ancestors Marie Van Wyck,   b. 1667 
    Relationship natural 
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    Family Ancestors Rachel Ruth Smith,   b. 1693, Hempstead, Long Island, New York Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 1791  (Age 98 years) 
    Married 1712  Roundout Precent, Dutchess County, New York, USA Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Married: 1x1. Annaetje 'Anna' Wiltsie,   b. 10 Feb 1717, Long Island City, Queens County, New York, USA Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 1769, Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, New York, USA Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 51 years)  [natural]
    Married: 2x2. Jeremiah Wiltsie,   b. 4 Oct 1718,   d. May 1792  (Age 73 years)  [natural]
    Married: 2x3. Cornelius Wiltse,   b. 28 Feb 1724, Jamaica, Queens County, New York, USA Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 1794, Jamaica, Queens County, New York, USA Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 69 years)  [natural]
    Married: 1x4. Elizabeth Wiltsie,   b. 8 Oct 1713, Long Island City, Queens, New York, USA Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 28 Mar 1789, Dutchess, New York, USA Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 75 years)  [natural]
    Married: 1x5. Hendrick Wiltse,   b. 1726, Jamaica, Queens County, New York, USA Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 1765  (Age 39 years)  [natural]
    Married: 1x6. Johannes Wiltse,   b. 1728, Jamaica, Queens County, New York, USA Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 4 Oct 1796  (Age 68 years)  [natural]
    Married: 1x7. Jacob Wiltse,   b. 1732, Jamaica, Queens County, New York, USA Find all individuals with events at this location  [natural]
    Married: 1x8. Jacobus Wiltse,   b. 1730, Jamaica, Queens County, New York, USA Find all individuals with events at this location  [natural]
    Married: 1x9. Rutie (Ruth) Wiltse,   b. 1722, Jamaica, Queens County, New York, USA Find all individuals with events at this location  [natural]
    Married: 1x10. Martyn Wiltse,   b. 1715,   d. Feb 1755  (Age 40 years)  [natural]
    Married: 1x11. Mary Wiltse,   b. 1720, Jamaica, Queens County, New York, USA Find all individuals with events at this location  [natural]
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  • Notes 
    • At Jamaica, Cornelius Wiltsee,witnessed baptisms:

      Dec.6, 1716. At the baptism of his brother Johonnes Wiltsee's son Hendrick.
      Cornelis Wiltse and Marragrieta do.were witnesses.
      May 29,1726. At the baptism of his sister Marya Smith's da.Anatie, Cornelis Wilson and Ruth do.werewitnesses.
      April 12,1724. At the baptism of Jan his sister Anatie'sson, Cornelis Wilson
      and his sister, Marregriet do.were witnesses.
      Sept.6,1732. At the baptism of his sister Mary's da.Mayrita, Cornelis Wilse and Sophia (his daughter) were witnesses.

      Many of the relatives of Marten Wiltsee's wife moved to Dutchess County, New York early in the eighteenth century, and settled near Matteawan on the Rombout Patent, and were joined by others later.

      Cornelius Wiltsee and Johonnes, his brother, and their cousin, Hendrick, moved there with their families in the third decade of the century.1 Many of their relatives joined them, and the county became a center of concentration of their relatives. At the close of the fourth decade, not one Wiltsee remained on Long Island.

      Their migrations were made in river boats, as the least expensive means of conveyance.

      The death of Cornelius in 1755, scattered his family as the sale of his father's farm resulted in his and Johonnes's migration. The French and Indian war of 1760, and the war of the Revolution scattered the Wiltsees of Dutchess County, and the descendants of Jacob Wiltsee and Saphia and Jannetje, of Tarritown and Rockland County, far and wide.

      The earliest record of a Wiltsee in Dutchess County, is that of the baptism of Johonnes Wiltsee's daughter, Sara, in the Dutch church at Fishkill September 26, 1733. The first record of Cornelius Wiltsee is of his attendance at Fishkill at the baptism of his grandson, Cornelius, as a witness June 23, 1736.

      The freeholders of Fishkill met August 1st, 1739, to change the location of a road. They signed a petition to have the roadway along the north side of the Fishkill River turned across the river at the east end of Judge Ter Bosch's land, into the county road leading along the south side of the river. The committeemen appointed were Johonnes Wiltsie, Samuel Halstead, Seth La Duc and Cornelius Wiltsie. This crossing was about three miles from Matteawan and two from Fishkill Village.

      Cornelius Wiltsie1 had bought land adjoining the Fishkill River and Sylvan Lake on the Rombout patent, extending to the line of Beekman Precinct. Johonnes had bought land near Poquage on the Beekman patent.


      "This and the Other Extracts of Deeds following were given to or by persons of the Name of Wiltsee between the years 1730 and 1790, inclusive:

      State of New York,
      Dutchess County Clerk's Office, SS.

      I, Theo. A. Hoffman, County Clerk of the County and State aforesaid, do hereby certify that I have examined the Indices of Records of Deeds in said office and searched for deeds recorded between the first day of January, 1730, and the 31 day of Dcember, 1790, given to or executed by any person by the name of Wiltsie and find only such as appear upon the following certificate of search:


      To Deed.
      Cornelius Willsey, of Dutchess County, New York.

      Dated October 7, 1738.
      Recorded in Liber 1, page 290.
      Con. ¹ 74.
      Conveys 74 3/4 acres of land situate in Dutchess County, New York, at the North Side of the Fishkill or Creek and adjoining Sylvan Lake."



      Cornelius Wiltsee built a house three-fourths of a mile west of Sylvan Lake and improved his farm there.

      At the time the census of Dutchess county was taken in 1740, Cornelius Wiltsie, Johonnes Wiltsie and Hendrick Wiltsie were freeholders of the county. Doc. Hist. N. Y. States.


      On Aug. 6, 1743, Cornelius Wiltsee and 21 others bought the site of Fishkill Landing (12 acres of land) of Francis Brett and Margaret, his wife, for the consideration of ¶. 28, S. 13, P. 9. This land lay adjoining Matteawan on the east side of the Hudson River.

      "A street running east and west through Fishkill Landing and Matteawan is called Wiltse Avenue in the former place, and Rombont Avenue in the latter, designating where the two Wiltsies, Cornelius and Johonnes, [these are grandchildren of Cornelius] first located, and perpetuating their name. The two places are practically one. In 1900, the population of Fishkill Landing was 3,675, and that of Matteawan was 5, 807." Fishkill Standard, 1901.

      Francis Brett and Margaret, His Wife, Convey 12 Acres of Land, Situated on the East Side of the Hudson River in Rombout Precinct to Cornelius Wiltsie and others.

      Francis Brett and Margaret, his wife,
      To Dee d.
      Catherine Brett of Rombout Precinct in Dutchess County, New York, widow, Cornelius Van Wyck of the same place, yeoman, James Duncan of the same place, Merchant, John Brinckerhoff of the same place, yeoman, Theodorus Van Wyck of the same place, yeoman, Abraham Bloom of the same place, yeoman, Theodorus Van Wyck, Jr., of the same place, yeoman, Cornelius Wiltsie of the same place, yeoman, Benjamin Husbrook of the same place, yeoman, Abraham Van Wyck of the city of New York, Merchant, George Brinckerhoff of said City, Merchant, John Carman of Beekman Jrecinct, Dutchess County and province of New York, yeoman, Jashua Carman of the same place, yeoman, Thomas Storms of Phillipsburg in Westchester County, N. Y., yeoman, Jacob Brinckerhoff of Rombout Precinct, N. Y., yeoman, Isaac Brinckerhoff of the same place, yeoman, Lorence Losee of the same place, yeoman, Henry Ter Bos of the same place, yeoman, George Adriance of the same place, yeoman, John Van Vleckra of the same place, Blacksmith, Abraham Adriance of the same place, yeoman, and Isaac Adriance of the same place, yeoman.

      Deed Dated August 6,1743;
      Recorded March 4,1756;
      Liber2, page 531.


      In connection with his old house, Cornelius built a stone addition with a basement kitchen, and placed a corner stone in the wall on which was engraved the date, 1745. He furnished each part of the house with a loom and furniture, and the necessary implements to carry on the manufacture of linen, and woolen cloth, and blankets; and erected a barn, and a corn house, and a cooper shop, and carried on farming, coopering, and carpentering. He built a store 2 1/2 miles from his place of residence, on the bank of the Fishkill, and named the place Hopewell; and his sons conducted mercantile business there, carrying on traffic with merchants of New York City, by the way of Fishkill Landing and Matteawan, 15 miles away. Hopewell was south of his residence, Arthursburgh 3 miles north; Poquage 6 miles east, on the south branch of the Fishkill. Hopewell was on the original land first purchased. A church congregation assembled there in 1757, and held meetings in private houses, and in a Dutch barn that was still standing in 1901. A church was built in 1764, a fourth of a mile from the barn. That was partly torn down, and moved away, and rebuilt into a carriage house in 1833. The church was rebuilt of brick, and the date given is taken from the lintel at the door. It is on a little rise of ground in the center of the village--a lovely spot. The mill pond is before it, and the road between them.

      "Johonnes Wiltsie built the mill 300 feet west of the church, and it was owned and run for many years by Nellie Stockholm's relatives. The store is 200 feet east of the church, and all three are on the same side of the street. There are six houses, a wagon shop, a blacksmith shop and a cemetery. They could rent more houses if they had them. Hopewell has not grown much, but I hardly think it will die out.

      "Hopewell Junction, a settlement of 800 inhabitants, is one mile south. There freight trains change hands. Two railroads pass through, and there are two stations. We have telephones all through the country, and people are prosperous. All are delighted with the country."



      "In the name of God amen this fifteenth day of December one thousand seven hundred fifty-five. I Cornelius Wiltsie of Rombouts Precinct in Dutchess County and Province of New York a yeoman being well in health and in perfect mind and memory, thanks be to God, and knowing that it is apointed for all men once to die I Do make and order this my last Will and Testament that is to say and principaly to Recomend my Soul into the hands of God that gave it Trusting on hem for mercy and forgiveness of my manyfold Sins through the merits of Jesus Christ our Lord my Body I recomend to the Earth to be buried in a decent Christian Like manner not doubting but at the general Reserection I shall Receive the same again by the mighty hand of God and as touching my worldly Estate where with it hath pleased God to bless me with this life I give and dispose of it in the following manner and form. I give and Bequeath unto my Eldest son Martins Eldest Son, Cornelius Wiltsie five pounds in Liew and in Barr of any right or claim to my Estate as heir att Law. I give unto my Beloved Wife Gieletys all that she brought to me with the interest except what I paid her for and the half of Cheirs and Bond which she brought in Liew of her Dowery and the liberty of the new roome and furniture during her Widowhood and my Sons supply with firewood and to go to Mill and to keep one Horse and two Cows for her and to tend her with fire and to find her one years provisions.

      "I give to my two Sons Henry and Honnes all my Carpenters and Coopers tools and all of the Swine and all the Beaf and Pork that is in the Smoke House and the Plows and Harrows and one wagon and two sets of Gears with there Clevvesses and Bolts I give to my Sons all my Real Estate as Lands as follows vis my Son Cornelius 40 acres of land which I bought of Mr. Lerestine Joyning to Carman and Willcocks and ten acres of swamp as it is all ready Laid out to him and his heirs and assigns Forever and the Rest of the said Lott to be Divided between Henry, Honnes Jeans and Jacob to them and their heirs and assigns forever and Hennery Honnes Jeans and Jacob to pay an equal share of the debts that is upon the said land, and the farm which I Do Live on

      "To Jeremiah Hennery Honnes Jeans and Jacob and the right I have in the Storehouse and Land to be equally divided between Jeremiah Honnes Hennery Jeans and Jacob to them and their heirs and assigns forever.

      "I give to Hennery and Honnes all the grain that is now on my farm which I live on and in the barn and Crib and Store House at my Dseas and what Jeans and Jacob scho they Kais to be their proper wright and these five Jeremiah Hennery Honnes Jeams and Jacob, to pay Legasays of the Before granted premises as follows To Martines children by name as follows To Cornelius what is made him here before mentioned and to Many four pounds. To Francis four pounds to Eugey ten pounds and to Ruth four pounds as they each shall come to the years of twenty one and if either of them should come to die and the servivery or surviving children shall have an equal share

      "I give all the rest of my movables to these my four daughters as follows vis To Elizabeth Anna Maria and Ruth to be equally divided among them four or their heirs and I do deem the clock as movable and I do hereby appoint these my four sons as follows vis Jeremiah Hennery Honnes and Jeans to be my Executors desiring of them to Execute this my last Will and Testament according to the true intent and meaning in testamony whereof I have here unto put my hand affixed my seal the day and year first above written

      "Signed Sealed published pronounced Declared By the said Cornelius Wiltsie as his last Will and Testament in the presence of us Subscribers

      Jares Adriance
      Jaob Wiltsie--(Cornelius Wiltse MartinWiltsie
      (Sea l)
      "Dutchess Co January the sixth one thousand seven hundred fifty six then the within named subscribers Joris Adriance and Martin Wiltsie witnesses to the within written Will personally appeared before me Jacobus Terboss Esq one of the Judges of the Court of common Pleas for the said County in the presence off John Bayley and William Humphrey two of his majestys Justices of the Peace for the said County and being duly sworn on the holy Evinglist of all Mighty God testifieth and sayeth that the within testator Cornelius Wiltsie signed sealed published pronounced and Declared the within Written Instrument to be his last Will and Testament that the said testator was in his perfect mind and memory at the time of signing the same also that the said witnesses saw Jacob Wiltsie the other evidence to the said testiment sign as evidence at the same time in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand

      Dutchess John Bayley
      County William Humphrey

      Persuant to my commission and authority unto me Deligated by the governor in Cheaf I John Brinckerhoff Do Certify that on the fourth day of February anno 1756 I did administer unto Jeremiah Wiltsie and Henry Wiltsie and Johonnes Wiltse and Jeams Wiltsie of the Will of the written named Cornelius Wiltsie, deceased and each of them took the oath of an Executor according to the proceeding form of the said oath as witnessed the day and year above mentioned

      John Brinckerhoff. "

      Cornelius Wiltsee also made a will (not signed or dated) giving his sons Jeremiah, Henry, James and Jacob, and Thomas Wiltsee his law books in general, and the acts of the assembly "titted" the Laws of New York, to have and to hold Each and Singular forever.

      "an Inventory taken this twelfth Day of January 1756 of the personal Estate that Cornelius wiltsee Late Decesed has Left to his four Daughters by his late will and testament which was Dated the fifteenth of December in the year of our Lord Christ one thousand Seven hundred fiftyfive that to Elizabeth hannah mary Ruth

      9 cows & 1calf 1/2 of one chase to Rydein
      1 haffer 4 years old 2 fans
      3 haffers going on 2 years 3 Iron Pitchforks
      2 Steers going on 2 years1 Dungfork
      2 heffers going on 1 year 2 half Bushels
      2 Steers going on 1 year 2 Iron that chhooks
      1 Bull going on 3 years 3 cowhides
      1 horse called Stallion 1 nail hatchet
      1 horscalled Jack a Parcel of Loks
      1 Do called Rone 1 chees Press
      1 Gray mare 2 narrow axes
      1 Brown pasing mare 3 Stubben hoos
      1 mare called fancy 1 Crow Bar
      1 horse called Jonker 3 Brod hoos
      2 yearing horse coolts 2 Grind Stone prom Kanks
      1 Ironshod wagon 1 ox Chane
      2 Ironshod Slayes (???)
      1 Ironshod Wood Sled (???)
      1 woodsled Old Room
      2 Plow 1 Dutchbible
      8 Emty Beehives pare of cards
      Shuemaker stools 4Smooding Irons
      2 Saddels 1 Bridel 1 oldflaringblaketh
      43 Sheep 3 Pare of Sheep Shares
      Sider 1 Pare of Worsted Comes
      5 Sickkels 1 Ree of Redwood
      1 Wire moustrap 1 tin Lantern
      3 Cowbals 5 blankets one caleochimn ecloth
      2 Sheepbals New R.Chamber.
      1 Brush Side 2 Woolen Wels
      Rings & tacklings for Sider 2 Linningweels
      2 Spades 1 Chist 1 Barrel 1 tubfull tobacco
      1 Knackpel 1 Pare of Cottun Cards
      (???)1Collar frame
      (???)1Reel; about 3 or 4 bushel Pese
      1 Box with old Iron|on the1Pieginnet
      61/2lb Sole Leather| Cambrs 1 Weving Loom
      2 Skins 2 year old Tand Leather 1 wooden Set trays
      4 Sides of Leather 3 Barrels
      1 Side Curred Leather 1 Brass kettle with apple Do with to
      3 hetchels 1 trundel bested 1strawbed
      1 Beltk 1 fether bolster 1old blankit honit
      a Parcel of wool 5 puter platters
      1 pulle & takol 19 puter plates
      1 Block had 4 puter Basins
      1 Warpen bars & Scarm 18 puter Spoons
      1 Come case 1 Quartpit
      2 fetherbeds 2 bosters 4 pillers 1 Brass Scimmer
      5 old chares 1 flesh fork
      2 writing Pats 1 Iron tongs & Shovel
      1 trap 2 great Irons
      (???) 2 Iron tremmels
      (???)1 Iron Ladel in the Seller 1 Morter
      1 Leech tub 1 Large Brass Kettel
      2 Churns 6 Iron pots
      1 hhadwith Side 2 frying pans
      2 Emtyhhdd 1 Salt Box
      2 hhdd 1 head 1 Rolling pin
      2 tite Barrels 4 Pales
      11/2 Barrel 1 tub with Sopefat
      2 Barrels 1 had 13 wever Reeds
      1 Sooptroff with Sope 8 pare of gares
      7 Celers 9 shattels 23 weaver spool s
      210 Gallon Cags 3 Rodes
      1 Rinsd Let 2 pare of tempels
      2 Chesefats 1 arm Chare
      3 nutbool 1 nut Leeding Dish 6 Chares
      1 Churn frame 1 case with 8 case bottles
      1 Candel box with candels 2O ther Bottles
      1 Ironspit 1 Scool Box
      3 bred trays 1 Looking glass
      (???) 2 chests
      (???)2 candelsticks
      In the Seller citchen 1 pare of hand irons
      1 pottebanck 1 tramel
      1 nut bool 1 fire tongs & Shovel
      1 washing tub1chafendish
      5 Gallon Cag 1 Shugarbox
      1 mustord billith 1 Calico Chimne Cloth
      18 wound woolen yard 1 Do Linnin
      11 Chares 4 Dutch Books
      1 Bedsted 1 chaft bed 1 Inglish History book
      3 Blankets 1 Book the youngmans Comp anion
      1 tabel 2 Law Books
      1 parewolcards 4 lb Linningyarn
      (???) 3lb Wollenyarn
      (???) 2 & 3/4 lb of hatched flaks
      In the Smook Hous 1 haws bib
      1h hadwith 1 had 1 teapot
      ThefurnitureinthenewRooms.1CombCase1fineComb& 1Cors
      onebolster2pillersoneStrawbed3pounds8ShillinsinCas h
      1Chamberpot1/2gallonJug1Blackbotte l
      1Klock1pillerboarwithDryabe ls
      1Cubbert5¶¶ofCotton1SilverBa ker
      1WildcherrytableAnoteWilliamHarrisga vein
      1Squaretableballanceofabondof James
      2BoxeswhereWritingswasCapinbrunnwhichnotehasb inpayable
      5oldharrowteetthefirstDayofMay, 1755
      3SteeltrapsOnenotefromLawlorDe Line
      2hiveswithbeesDated25april8shill ingshas
      2Strowbedsbinpayablethefirst DayofMay
      2Bedstidslastpastwithinteres tfromtime
      Jameses1Spoonmole1Bulletmole 2papers
      2Sheets4files1horn16bags1I nkhorn

      Part of a List of the Vendue of Cornelius Wiltse's Property 1756.
      "Thomas Barker on the Vendue List ¹14 3 3
      by Sundries at Private Sale ¹5 7 3
      29 10 6
      Henry Wiltse 3 11 11
      Johonnes Wiltse 3 4 6
      Jacob Boyce 8 0 6
      for cash Received from yee hand of Henry Wiltse 19 10 8
      also to a Dutch Bible to Johonnes Wiltse 3 0 0
      to Jeams Wiltse 2 16 2
      John Cooper on the Vendue List ¹13 9 8
      to Sundries at Private Sale 12 6 6
      by a Receipt from Jacob Wiltse 19 11 4
      to a frying pan 5 a Iron pot 12 45 7 6
      46 4 6
      by a note Wm Harris 1 9 5
      Arie Delonge on the Vendue List 30 13 4
      from Michal Overaker 2 19 5
      from Ward C Overaker 0 15 0
      from James Clayland ¹72.10.9 5 8 5
      From Dirk Van tap ¹10.10.9 0 6 0
      from Junis Kranckhite. 100 6 0
      from Abraham Loosee 63.11.6 0 1 3
      from Henry Wiltse 10 6 9 ¹52 10 9
      William Humphrey on the Vendue List ¹29 6 6
      by Sundreys at private Sale 9 0 5
      from Martin Wiltse 5 13 5
      from Jeremiah Wiltse 2 8 8
      From Johna Hix 4 3 6
      from Jacob Wiltse 2 8 5
      from John Creed 0 16 0
      From arie Delong 11 14 0 57 11 10
      from Chreslea Sacceder 3 11 7 ¹60 3 5

      Vendue List: it seems I only have a part From Jerome Wiltsie of Chicago. Jacob Wiltsee bought one Dutch Catiserp [Catechism Excerpt] book ¹. 0, S. 1. Arint Storms bought one Dutch Sarmon book ¹. 0, S. 9, p. 6.

      There are other sources stating that he was born on July 23, 1683.
      "Cornelius and his brother, Johannes, and their cousin, Hendrick, and t heir families left Long Island some time between 1730 and 1740 and move d to Duchess Co., N.Y., and this county became a center for the concent ration of their relatives.....Cornelius was a successful business man a nd left quite an estate for his day.."
      "Cornelius Wiltsie, son of Martin Hendrickson Wiltsie (5), was born in Q ueens (probably at Newtown), Long Island, about 1691. He and his famil y moved to Dutchess County about 1733, and he died there in 1755. Corne lius married Ruth Smith, daughter of Jeremiah Smith and Anna Cornell of M errick, Queens (now Nassau), Long Island."

  • Sources 
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