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Family: Sherman Clark Bentley / Velma Miller (F6914)

Family Chart 

Susan E. ClarkSusan E. Clark
Female (1839-1914)
Martha A. RichardsonMartha A. Richardson
Female (1839-1907)
William MillerWilliam Miller
Male (1864- )
Mary MillerMary Miller
Female (1863- )
Syrena MillerSyrena Miller
Female (1879-1919)
Mattie MillerMattie Miller
Female (1872-1895)
Horace H. MillerHorace H. Miller
Male (1861-1928)
Lillan N. MillerLillan N. Miller
Female (1868- )
Ella Eustatia MillerElla Eustatia Miller
Female (1865-1940)
Sherman Clark BentleySherman Clark Bentley
Male (1870-1924)
Velma MillerVelma Miller
Female (1875-1961)
Gertrude V BentleyGertrude V Bentley
Female (1903-1968)

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