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Family: John Balch / Eunice Stowell (F23039)

m. 1821

Family Chart 

Timothy BalchTimothy Balch
Male (1760-1803)
Hannah DamonHannah Damon
Female (1762-1857)
Polly Mary BalchPolly Mary Balch
Female (1803-1893)
Timothy BalchTimothy Balch
Male (1789-1843)
Daniel BalchDaniel Balch
Male (1800-1874)
David BalchDavid Balch
Male (1801- )
Anna BalchAnna Balch
Female (1798-1849)
Susanna BalchSusanna Balch
Female (1794-1880)
Oren Crocker StowellOren Crocker Stowell
Male (1785-1847)
Edward StowellEdward Stowell
Male (1832-1833)
Laura StowellLaura Stowell
Female (1817-1836)
Marcus StowellMarcus Stowell
Male (1820-1897)
John N. StowellJohn N. Stowell
Male (1815-1890)
Allen G. StowellAllen G. Stowell
Male (1822-1893)
Samuel Draper StowellSamuel Draper Stowell
Male (1811-1875)
Hiram Rozelle StowellHiram Rozelle Stowell
Male (1829-1863)
Mary Jane StowellMary Jane Stowell
Female (1819-1900)
Austin StowellAustin Stowell
Male (1820-1894)
Elon StowellElon Stowell
Male ( -1831)
John BalchJohn Balch
Male (1792-1882)
Eunice StowellEunice Stowell
Female (1808-1873)
Harriet BalchHarriet Balch
Female (1820-1825)
Ann BalchAnn Balch
Female (1842- )
Susanna BalchSusanna Balch
Female (1820-1825)
Lucinda BalchLucinda Balch
Female (1820-1825)
Laura A BalchLaura A Balch
Female (1820-1825)
Lucinda BalchLucinda Balch
Female (1823-1851)
William H BalchWilliam H Balch
Male (1832-1911)
Orrin H BalchOrrin H Balch
Male (1835-1876)
Harriet N BalchHarriet N Balch
Female (1838-1903)
Loretta BalchLoretta Balch
Female (1842-1895)
John BalchJohn Balch
Male (1820-1826)
Ira Fayette BalchIra Fayette Balch
Male (1840-1903)
Susanna BalchSusanna Balch
Female (1827-1906)
Walstin BalchWalstin Balch
Male (1826-1890)
John Henry BalchJohn Henry Balch
Male (1849-1924)

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