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Family: Jerome Varton Sheeley / Charlotte M Potter (F22772)

Family Chart 

Alexander SheleyAlexander Sheley
Male (1808- )
Salinda McNittSalinda McNitt
Female (1807- )
Jartus SheeleyJartus Sheeley
Female (1831- )
Charles SheeleyCharles Sheeley
Male (1845- )
Jane SheleyJane Sheley
Female (1841- )
William SheeleyWilliam Sheeley
Male (1827- )
Emily SheeleyEmily Sheeley
Female (1835- )
Celestia SheeleyCelestia Sheeley
Female (1849- )
George Morgan SheeleyGeorge Morgan Sheeley
Male (1850-1925)
Wesley John SheeleyWesley John Sheeley
Male (1836-1919)
Mary SheeleyMary Sheeley
Female (1847-1921)
Albert SheeleyAlbert Sheeley
Male (1843-1930)
Almon J PotterAlmon J Potter
Male (1810-1884)
Betsey CalkinsBetsey Calkins
Female (1822-1908)
Jerome Varton SheeleyJerome Varton Sheeley
Male (1833-1927)
Charlotte M PotterCharlotte M Potter
Female (1841-1924)
Cora E. SheleyCora E. Sheley
Female (1868-1899)
Lellie I SheeleyLellie I Sheeley
Female (1861-1915)
Nettie SheeleyNettie Sheeley
Female (1864-1919)
Frank N SheeleyFrank N Sheeley
Male (1884- )

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