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Family: Eugene L. Miller / Dora E. Orton (F22192)

Family Chart 

Emily L. HooperEmily L. Hooper
Female (1845-1927)
Henry John OrtonHenry John Orton
Male (1832-1911)
Maria L WoodMaria L Wood
Female (1833-1914)
Charlotte A. OrtonCharlotte A. Orton
Female (1855-1935)
Alice M. OrtonAlice M. Orton
Female (1858-1942)
Betsey Lavina OrtonBetsey Lavina Orton
Female (1869-1945)
James Miles OrtonJames Miles Orton
Male (1876-1898)
Miles Deverow OrtonMiles Deverow Orton
Male (1875-1962)
Jacob Henry OrtonJacob Henry Orton
Male (1862-1944)
Eugene L. MillerEugene L. Miller
Male (1867-1943)
Dora E. OrtonDora E. Orton
Female (1871-1956)
Earl Lewis MillerEarl Lewis Miller
Male (1892-1973)

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