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Family: Martin Henry Becker / Margaret Margrette Allen (F22014)

m. Bef 1858

Family Chart 

Anna YoungAnna Young
Female (1787- )
Elizabeth BeckerElizabeth Becker
Female (1844- )
David BeckerDavid Becker
Male (1835- )
John BeckerJohn Becker
Male (1831- )
Ellen Roseltha BeckerEllen Roseltha Becker
Female (1853-1928)
Cordelia BeckerCordelia Becker
Female (1851- )
Peter BeckerPeter Becker
Male (1817-1898)
Abraham BeckerAbraham Becker
Male (1827- )
Margaret BeckerMargaret Becker
Female (1838- )
Sarah BeckerSarah Becker
Female (1838- )
Martin Henry BeckerMartin Henry Becker
Male (1829-1912)
Willis M. BeckerWillis M. Becker
Male (1862- )
Florence BeckerFlorence Becker
Female (1864-1911)
Edgar BeckerEdgar Becker
Male (1861-1940)
Lydia BeckerLydia Becker
Female (1869- )
Anna L. BeckerAnna L. Becker
Female (1866- )

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