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Family: Wendell Ray Vrooman / Norma Carrie Ladd (F15205)

m. 29 Jul 1943

Family Chart 

Walter VroomanWalter Vrooman
Male (1916-2008)
Edwin D. VroomanEdwin D. Vrooman
Male (1930-1951)
Minnie V. VroomanMinnie V. Vrooman
Female (1918-1997)
Donald Corrin LaddDonald Corrin Ladd
Male (1900-1967)
Dorothy May SnowDorothy May Snow
Female (1900-1932)
Phyllis V. LaddPhyllis V. Ladd
Female (1928-2010)
Carol Snow LaddCarol Snow Ladd
Female (1930-2003)
Norine A. LaddNorine A. Ladd
Female (1925-2017)
Wendell Ray VroomanWendell Ray Vrooman
Male (1919-2012)
Norma Carrie LaddNorma Carrie Ladd
Female (1923-2012)

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