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Family: Ossian Sanford Douglass / Harriet Calkins (F9435)

Family Chart 

Sanford DouglassSanford Douglass
Male (1786-1859)
Clarissa DouglasClarissa Douglas
Female (1815-1878)
Volney DouglassVolney Douglass
Male (1809-1866)
Susan DouglassSusan Douglass
Female (1833- )
Elvira DouglassElvira Douglass
Female (1836- )
Lois DouglassLois Douglass
Female (1817- )
Isaac DouglassIsaac Douglass
Male (1817-1817)
Adeline DouglassAdeline Douglass
Female (1827-1890)
Elam Decatur DouglassElam Decatur Douglass
Male (1846-1876)
Cynthia DouglassCynthia Douglass
Female (1848- )
Julia DouglassJulia Douglass
Female (1843- )
Stephen DouglassStephen Douglass
Male (1828- )
Minerva DouglassMinerva Douglass
Female (1841- )
Edward DouglassEdward Douglass
Male (1841- )
Abigail DouglassAbigail Douglass
Female (1821- )
Adaline DouglassAdaline Douglass
Female (1827-1890)
Russell C. CalkinsRussell C. Calkins
Male (1798-1893)
Pamela Andrus PricePamela Andrus Price
Female (1800-1893)
Henry Barnard CalkinsHenry Barnard Calkins
Male (1839-1841)
Rufus Price CalkinsRufus Price Calkins
Male (1827-1907)
Russell Dean CalkinsRussell Dean Calkins
Male (1829-1917)
Hester Ann CalkinsHester Ann Calkins
Female (1825-1904)
Eliza Melissa CalkinsEliza Melissa Calkins
Female (1836-1916)
Jesse Elliot CalkinsJesse Elliot Calkins
Male (1837-1920)
Martha Patty CalkinsMartha Patty Calkins
Female (1821-1900)
Harriet CalkinsHarriet Calkins
Female (1820-1907)
Hester Ann DouglassHester Ann Douglass
Female (1851-1854)
Martin V. DouglassMartin V. Douglass
Male (1840-1854)
Rosaline DouglassRosaline Douglass
Female (1850-1850)
Hartwell C DouglassHartwell C Douglass
Male (1845-1936)

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