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Family: William Nelson Hooper / Margaret E. Ingersoll (F21143)

Family Chart 

Absalom HooperAbsalom Hooper
Male (1800-1879)
Betsy StrongBetsy Strong
Female (1814-1883)
Sanford HooperSanford Hooper
Male (1835-1900)
Asa HooperAsa Hooper
Male (1826- )
Harriet HooperHarriet Hooper
Female (1830- )
Eunice HooperEunice Hooper
Female (1844-1923)
Delos Absalom HooperDelos Absalom Hooper
Male (1851-1886)
Hannah WolcottHannah Wolcott
Female (1806-1847)
Lucy Eldula IngersollLucy Eldula Ingersoll
Female (1838-1853)
Leroy IngersollLeroy Ingersoll
Male (1832-1832)
Lyman IngersollLyman Ingersoll
Male (1830-1912)
Henrietta IngersollHenrietta Ingersoll
Female (1830-1899)
William Nelson HooperWilliam Nelson Hooper
Male (1841-1904)
Margaret E. IngersollMargaret E. Ingersoll
Female (1840-1904)
Charles HooperCharles Hooper
Male (1860- )
William HooperWilliam Hooper
Male (1864- )
Henry HooperHenry Hooper
Male (1876-1932)
Lyman O. HooperLyman O. Hooper
Male (1861-1932)
Harry Howard HooperHarry Howard Hooper
Male (1880-1952)
Emma E. HooperEmma E. Hooper
Female (1857-1924)

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