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Family: Joseph Orton / Hannah Stewart (F14785)

m. 1831

Family Chart 

Baruch OrtonBaruch Orton
Male (1786-1827)
Eleanor UpsonEleanor Upson
Female (1785-1837)
Lent Munson OrtonLent Munson Orton
Male (1817-1846)
Lent OrtonLent Orton
Male (1820-1894)
Martha A OrtonMartha A Orton
Female (1813-1881)
Darius OrtonDarius Orton
Male (1815-1898)
Erastus OrtonErastus Orton
Male (1821-1894)
Ashbel Upson OrtonAshbel Upson Orton
Male (1811-1881)
Betsy OrtonBetsy Orton
Female (1828- )
William P. OrtonWilliam P. Orton
Male (1821-1890)
Eathol StewartEathol Stewart
Male (1771-1850)
Esther ThurberEsther Thurber
Female (1777-1870)
Benjamin Stewart, Sr.Benjamin Stewart, Sr.
Male (1806-1884)
Harriett StewartHarriett Stewart
Female (1801- )
Sarah StewartSarah Stewart
Female (1802-1896)
Ira StewartIra Stewart
Male (1811-1894)
Draper Henry StewartDraper Henry Stewart
Male (1808-1897)
Joel StewartJoel Stewart
Male (1804-1894)
Mercy B. StewartMercy B. Stewart
Female (1795-1863)
Phineas StewartPhineas Stewart
Male (1794-1898)
Melissa StewartMelissa Stewart
Female (1799- )
Joseph OrtonJoseph Orton
Male (1810-1908)
Hannah StewartHannah Stewart
Female (1812-1880)
Melissa OrtonMelissa Orton
Female (1844-1916)
Ethel S OrtonEthel S Orton
Male (1848-1926)
Henry John OrtonHenry John Orton
Male (1832-1911)
Ira Charles OrtonIra Charles Orton
Male (1840-1924)
Lydia A. OrtonLydia A. Orton
Female (1834-1919)
William Cyrus OrtonWilliam Cyrus Orton
Male (1845-1922)

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