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Family: Ernest Eugene Seyer / Dorcas E. Filkins (F15462)

Family Chart 

Lula Marie SeyerLula Marie Seyer
Female (1892-1959)
Verna E. SeyerVerna E. Seyer
Female (1890-1965)
Raymond Henry FilkinsRaymond Henry Filkins
Male (1883-1966)
Florence Edna CoonFlorence Edna Coon
Female (1888-1925)
Clara FilkinsClara Filkins
Female (1913-1919)
Raymond Perry FilkinsRaymond Perry Filkins
Male (1919-1986)
John Henry FilkinsJohn Henry Filkins
Male (1911-1998)
Edna Florence FilkinsEdna Florence Filkins
Female (1912-1953)
Robert Neil FilkinsRobert Neil Filkins
Male (1906-1986)
Dorothy E. FilkinsDorothy E. Filkins
Female (1908-1987)
Ernest Eugene SeyerErnest Eugene Seyer
Male (1901-1968)
Dorcas E. FilkinsDorcas E. Filkins
Female (1908-1976)
Richard Ernest SeyerRichard Ernest Seyer
Male (1928-1992)
June Marie SeyerJune Marie Seyer
Female (1931-1931)

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