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Family: George Lincoln Rudd / Bessie Anna Salina Jenne (F8816)

Family Chart 

Jennie May ColeJennie May Cole
Female (1855-1918)
Edith Oletha RuddEdith Oletha Rudd
Female (1887-1965)
Ella Mildred RuddElla Mildred Rudd
Female (1901-1994)
Grace Adelia RuddGrace Adelia Rudd
Female (1883-1951)
Harley Rosal RuddHarley Rosal Rudd
Male (1896-1978)
Bertrand E. RuddBertrand E. Rudd
Male (1890-1971)
George Lincoln RuddGeorge Lincoln Rudd
Male (1879-1938)
Eunice Annis RuddEunice Annis Rudd
Female (1916-2010)
Ellis RuddEllis Rudd
Male (1915- )
Olive Edith RuddOlive Edith Rudd
Female (1911-1991)
Lottie Jenne RuddLottie Jenne Rudd
Female (1918-2011)
George Ancil RuddGeorge Ancil Rudd
Male (1923-2015)
Thelma Anna RuddThelma Anna Rudd
Female (1912-1992)

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