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Family: Oren Crocker Stowell / Lovisa Kilburn (F7927)

Family Chart 

Samuel StowellSamuel Stowell
Male (1762-1850)
Oren Crocker StowellOren Crocker Stowell
Male (1785-1847)
Edward StowellEdward Stowell
Male (1832-1833)
Laura StowellLaura Stowell
Female (1817-1836)
Marcus StowellMarcus Stowell
Male (1820-1897)
John N. StowellJohn N. Stowell
Male (1815-1890)
Allen G. StowellAllen G. Stowell
Male (1822-1893)
Samuel Draper StowellSamuel Draper Stowell
Male (1811-1875)
Eunice StowellEunice Stowell
Female (1808-1873)
Hiram Rozelle StowellHiram Rozelle Stowell
Male (1829-1863)
Mary Jane StowellMary Jane Stowell
Female (1819-1900)
Austin StowellAustin Stowell
Male (1820-1894)
Elon StowellElon Stowell
Male ( -1831)

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