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Family: William Horace Butterworth / Samantha Wright (F7142)

Family Chart 

Betsy PeckhamBetsy Peckham
Female (1798-1883)
George N. ButterworthGeorge N. Butterworth
Male (1819-1896)
Lydia H. ButterworthLydia H. Butterworth
Female (1830-1915)
Alfred N. ButterworthAlfred N. Butterworth
Male (1820-1911)
Harvey P. WrightHarvey P. Wright
Male (1802-1871)
Harriet Sally ChapinHarriet Sally Chapin
Female (1804-1853)
Jason Belleron WrightJason Belleron Wright
Male (1831-1908)
Celestine WrightCelestine Wright
Female (1831-1899)
Orpah T. PierceOrpah T. Pierce
Female (1842-1920)
Arminda ClaryArminda Clary
Female (1835-1860)
Mary Ann WrightMary Ann Wright
Female (1837-1838)
Samantha WrightSamantha Wright
Female (1833-1869)

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