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Family: George Washington Toombs / Lois D. Doane (F24093)

Family Chart 

Daniel ToombsDaniel Toombs
Male (1795-1835)
Nancy MaltbyNancy Maltby
Female (1796-1845)
Jesse ToombsJesse Toombs
Male (1818-1896)
Simeon DoaneSimeon Doane
Male (1786-1867)
Joanna Jean WeedJoanna Jean Weed
Female (1793-1866)
Adelia E. DoaneAdelia E. Doane
Female (1827-1872)
Satyra DoaneSatyra Doane
Female (1823-1886)
Bernice Levi DoaneBernice Levi Doane
Male (1819-1871)
Rebecca L DoaneRebecca L Doane
Female (1822-1900)
Helen Marr DoaneHelen Marr Doane
Female (1830-1890)
Decatur DoaneDecatur Doane
Male (1825-1886)
Sarah Ann DoaneSarah Ann Doane
Female (1821-1881)
Minerva M. DoaneMinerva M. Doane
Female (1832-1899)
Lois D. DoaneLois D. Doane
Female (1816-1887)
Simeon ToombsSimeon Toombs
Male (1845-1862)
Frances ToombsFrances Toombs
Female (1842-1892)

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