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Family: Barney B. Peck / Almira J. Doane (F24357)

Family Chart 

Reuben PeckReuben Peck
Male (1791-1871)
Betsey WeedBetsey Weed
Female (1793-1864)
Reuben PeckReuben Peck
Male (1823-1901)
Ira PeckIra Peck
Male (1819-1838)
Marsha PeckMarsha Peck
Female (1824- )
John PeckJohn Peck
Male (1821-1837)
Henry Carter PeckHenry Carter Peck
Male (1820-1888)
Ralph G. PeckRalph G. Peck
Male (1815-1877)
Lucy Ann PeckLucy Ann Peck
Female (1834-1901)
Dwight PeckDwight Peck
Male (1829-1853)
Morris M. PeckMorris M. Peck
Male (1831-1904)
Josiah DoaneJosiah Doane
Male (1788-1859)
Adelia WillisAdelia Willis
Female (1805-1879)
Duane Decatur DoaneDuane Decatur Doane
Male (1835-1855)
George Pitts DoaneGeorge Pitts Doane
Male (1827-1889)
Catherine C. DoaneCatherine C. Doane
Female (1830-1887)
Barney B. PeckBarney B. Peck
Male (1818-1881)
Almira J. DoaneAlmira J. Doane
Female (1825-1889)
Anna Bell PeckAnna Bell Peck
Female (1854- )
Catherine C. PeckCatherine C. Peck
Female (1852-1916)
Willis Carter PeckWillis Carter Peck
Male (1849-1901)
Florance Barney PeckFlorance Barney Peck
Male (1857-1939)

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