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Family: H Lagee Gilman / Nellie J Parrish (F5760)

Family Chart 

John Decrase ParrishJohn Decrase Parrish
Male (1816-1883)
Jane MaltbyJane Maltby
Female (1819-1902)
Harriet ParrishHarriet Parrish
Female (1842-1869)
Lettia B ParrishLettia B Parrish
Female (1857- )
Julia J ParrishJulia J Parrish
Female (1851- )
Mary Chrina ParrishMary Chrina Parrish
Female (1843-1844)
Mary T ParrishMary T Parrish
Female (1845- )
Sheldon A ParrishSheldon A Parrish
Male (1849-1860)
Ralph R ParrishRalph R Parrish
Male (1853-1923)
Adora B ParrishAdora B Parrish
Female (1847-1861)
H Lagee GilmanH Lagee Gilman
Male (1856- )
Nellie J ParrishNellie J Parrish
Female (1862- )

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