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Family: Amos Dexter Munger / Dyanthia Lilley (F2736)

Family Chart 

Phineas LilleyPhineas Lilley
Male (1779-1867)
Amy SampsonAmy Sampson
Female (1785-1846)
Abner LilleyAbner Lilley
Male (1805-1886)
Levi Sampson LilleyLevi Sampson Lilley
Male (1808-1855)
Emily Amandy LilleyEmily Amandy Lilley
Female (1815-1817)
Olive Mary LilleyOlive Mary Lilley
Female (1824-1892)
Mary Ann LilleyMary Ann Lilley
Female (1820-1878)
Sarah LilleySarah Lilley
Female (1811-1811)
Cynthia LilleyCynthia Lilley
Female (1804-1893)
Orrin LilleyOrrin Lilley
Male (1809-1855)
Alfred Emery LilleyAlfred Emery Lilley
Male (1815-1883)
Amos Dexter MungerAmos Dexter Munger
Male (1842-1862)
Dyanthia LilleyDyanthia Lilley
Female (1822-1902)

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