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Family: Levi Bina Colvin / Bertha Louisa Miller (F2592)

Family Chart 

Levi Fayette ColvinLevi Fayette Colvin
Male (1838-1918)
Mary Gelene EdwardsMary Gelene Edwards
Female (1848-1912)
Frank Edward ColvinFrank Edward Colvin
Male (1866-1887)
Horace Roscoe ColvinHorace Roscoe Colvin
Male (1884-1886)
Ora Mae ColvinOra Mae Colvin
Female (1881-1960)
Burt David ColvinBurt David Colvin
Male (1874-1893)
James Delbert ColvinJames Delbert Colvin
Male (1872-1940)
Henry Warren ColvinHenry Warren Colvin
Male (1870-1947)
Arthur Clyde ColvinArthur Clyde Colvin
Male (1876-1962)
Charles Henry MillerCharles Henry Miller
Male (1852-1932)
Minerva L. ParrishMinerva L. Parrish
Female (1860-1952)
Nellie MillerNellie Miller
Female (1887-1964)
Esther MillerEsther Miller
Female (1892- )
Algie M MillerAlgie M Miller
Male (1880-1955)
Levi Bina ColvinLevi Bina Colvin
Male (1879-1978)
Bertha Louisa MillerBertha Louisa Miller
Female (1882-1969)
Glenn R. ColvinGlenn R. Colvin
Male (1900-1901)
Ethel Pearl ColvinEthel Pearl Colvin
Female (1902-1992)
Mildred Hazel ColvinMildred Hazel Colvin
Female (1903-1918)

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