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Family: Thomas Merton Shaw, Jr. / Iris Victoria Trumble (F20118)

m. 6 Sep 1941

Family Chart 

Laura Belle GregoryLaura Belle Gregory
Female (1903-1986)
George Frederick ShawGeorge Frederick Shaw
Male (1927-1972)
Harold Edward ShawHarold Edward Shaw
Male (1924-1999)
Sidney Reuben ShawSidney Reuben Shaw
Male (1920-1993)
Etta Mae ShawEtta Mae Shaw
Female (1932-2018)
Ira Hugh Trumble, Sr.Ira Hugh Trumble, Sr.
Male (1892-1967)
Blanche Alva LagoBlanche Alva Lago
Female (1898-1967)
Charles Hugh TrumbleCharles Hugh Trumble
Male (1933-1993)
William Henry TrumbleWilliam Henry Trumble
Male (1915-1994)
Marion Alice TrumbleMarion Alice Trumble
Female (1919-1981)
Esther Ellen TrumbleEsther Ellen Trumble
Female (1928-2012)
Helen Eunice TrumbleHelen Eunice Trumble
Female (1927-2000)
Oleta May TrumbleOleta May Trumble
Female (1917-1991)
Eleanor TrumbleEleanor Trumble
Female ( -1925)
Iris Victoria TrumbleIris Victoria Trumble
Female (1925-2002)

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