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Family: Alexander Potter / Martha Wardwell (F17379)

Family Chart 

John E. PotterJohn E. Potter
Male (1801-1880)
Jane DavisJane Davis
Female (1802-1885)
Mary Ellen PotterMary Ellen Potter
Female (1841-1845)
Miriam PotterMiriam Potter
Female (1838- )
William V PotterWilliam V Potter
Male (1825-1829)
Wallace G PotterWallace G Potter
Male (1849-1910)
Albert Jackson PotterAlbert Jackson Potter
Male (1833-1918)
Nathaniel PotterNathaniel Potter
Male (1826-1829)
Luther PotterLuther Potter
Male (1837- )
David Van Ness PotterDavid Van Ness Potter
Male (1821-1890)
Marshall D PotterMarshall D Potter
Male (1843-1929)
Charles John PotterCharles John Potter
Male (1830-1857)
Lathum Denison PotterLathum Denison Potter
Male (1836-1903)
John Charles PotterJohn Charles Potter
Male (1855-1922)
Roxanna PotterRoxanna Potter
Female (1822-1909)
Ellen Marie PotterEllen Marie Potter
Female (1846-1901)
Alexander PotterAlexander Potter
Male (1827-1900)

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