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Family: Whitman Goit / Lydia Jones (F10211)

m. Abt 1828

Family Chart 

Pliny JonesPliny Jones
Male (1777-1860)
Olive Goff TiffsOlive Goff Tiffs
Female (1779-1849)
Chauncey Ransom JonesChauncey Ransom Jones
Male (1816-1901)
Anson Reiley JonesAnson Reiley Jones
Male (1820-1894)
Cornelia Amelia JonesCornelia Amelia Jones
Female (1803-1894)
Pliny Harlow JonesPliny Harlow Jones
Male (1805-1891)
Emily JonesEmily Jones
Female (1811-1884)
Whitman GoitWhitman Goit
Male (1805-1852)
Lydia JonesLydia Jones
Female (1808-1870)
Ransom P. GoitRansom P. Goit
Male (1840-1906)
James Riley GoitJames Riley Goit
Male (1834-1859)
Olive GoitOlive Goit
Female (1836-1883)
Mary GoitMary Goit
Female (1838-1855)
Myron GoitMyron Goit
Male (1832-1855)
Cornelia GoitCornelia Goit
Female (1844-1871)
Esther Jane GoitEsther Jane Goit
Female (1848-1914)
Emily E. GoitEmily E. Goit
Female (1846-1912)
Byron GoitByron Goit
Male (1832-1832)
Rudolph Bunner GoitRudolph Bunner Goit
Male (1829-1891)

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