Johann George Yerdon

Male 1778 - 1860  (81 years)

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Minnie Yerdon
Female 1864-1957
John V. Munger
Male 1837-1897
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Ella A. Young
Female 1872-1950
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Anna Hickox
Female Abt 1861-1949
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Etta Clemons
Female 1860-1938
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Abraham Yerdon
Male 1837-1923
Andrew Loren Yerdon
Male Abt 1885-1962
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Norman Yerdon
Male 1875-1955
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Anna Yerdon
Female 1879-1934
Stanley Bowler
Male Abt 1875-Bef 1950
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Mack Lavar
Male Abt 1875-Abt 1920
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Clara Caster
Female 1873-1948
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Ozias A. Caster
Male 1879-1935
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Lorena A. Castor
Female 1871-1947
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Mary C Yerden
Female 1852-1921
Alvin M. Castor
Male 1847-1922
Nancy H Ward
Female 1843-1914
Augustus Ward
Male Abt 1845-
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Edwin Stevens
Male 1869-1928
Anna Longshore
Female 1874-1939
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John Stevens
Male Abt 1874-
Homer Stevens
Male Abt 1876-
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Ralph Stevens
Male 1879-1955
Genevieve Duell
Female 1875-1955
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Leah Stevens
Female 1876-1937
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Rachel Yerdon
Female 1840-1926
Harriet Perry
Female Abt 1895-1958
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Paul Swanson
Male 1867-1945
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Francis Yerden
Male 1845-1911
Isabella Frasier
Female 1850-1891
Ida J Yerden
Female Abt 1875-1937
Baby Yerdon
Female Abt 1835-Abt 1835
Albertine Yerdon
Male 1868-1939
Minnie Caster
Female 1868-1959
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Jesse Yerdon
Male 1870-1941
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Arden Yerdon
Male 1884-1918
Carrie Buchner
Female Abt 1885-
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Nellie L. Yerdon
Female 1889-1961
John Lewis Lodge
Male 1885-1966
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Sylvester Yerdon
Male 1847-1929
Emeline Caster
Female 1848-1924
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Grace Salisbury
Female 1885-UNKNOWN
Arthur Young
Male Abt 1884-Abt 1958
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Leah Nancy Salisbury
Female 1885-Bef 1900
Hazel C. Unknown
Female 1896-1949
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Royal Salisbury
Male -Bef 1933
Fernando Salisbury
Male 1853-Abt 1927
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Hattie Castor
Female 1869-1935
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Ellsworth Yerdon
Male 1862-1926
Wynona C Clemons
Female 1867-1957
Winona Clemons
Female 1867-1957
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Letta M. Castor
Female 1886-1955
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Moses Yerdon
Male 1834-1908
Jess Yerdon
Male 1866-1951
Mary A. Unknown
Female Abt 1870-
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Jane B. Vert
Female 1836-1897
Amon Hall
Male 1867-1950
Jennie Charboneau
Female Abt 1870-1938
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Edith C. Hall
Female 1859-1946
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John J. Hall
Male 1853-1894
Lucinda Boothe
Female 1847-1932
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Julius Hall
Male 1819-Bef 1921
Leah Vrooman
Female 1806-1877
Mariah Countryman
Female Abt 1819-1893
Eratus W. Yordon
Male 1846-1936
Erastus W Yerdon
Male 1845-1895
Robert D Yerdon
Male 1843-1873
Female 1883-1971
Robert D. Yordon
Male 1846-1881
Maria C. Yordon
Female 1842-1936
James Yordon
Male 1833-Bef 1900
James Yerdon
Male 1833-1897
Maria C Yerdon
Female Abt 1841-1886
Elizabeth Miller
Female Abt 1805-1875
Lovina Yerdon
Female Abt 1858-
George W. Yerdon
Male Abt 1842-Abt 1864
Jonah Yerdon
Male Abt 1845-
Jacob Yerdon
Male Abt 1852-
Jacob Yerdon
Male Abt 1816-1885
Ann Eliza Livingston
Female Abt 1819-Aft 1870
Darius Yerdon
Male 1854-1927
Clarinda Castor
Female 1872-1935
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Ephraim Yerdon
Male Abt 1841-1893
Clarinda Castor
Female 1872-1935
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Clara C. Yerden
Female 1872-1964
Garrett Aretius Church
Male Abt 1858-1928
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Menzo Yerdon
Male 1845-1937
John Stevens
Male Abt 1872-
Mable Stevens
Female Abt 1875-
Charles Stevens
Male Abt 1850-
Anna E. Joyner
Female 1871-1951
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Erwin Barber
Male 1861-1925
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Emma Joyner
Female 1863-1906
Fred Gilbert
Male -Abt 1886
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Alfred Wilson
Male 1864-1951
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Menzo D. Joyner
Male 1877-1967
Minnie C. Joyner
Female 1867-1958
John Colwell
Male Abt 1862-
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Baby Joyner
Abt 1864-Abt 1864
Margaret Yerdon
Female 1843-1884
Lewis M. Joyner
Male 1838-1923
George Stevens
Male Abt 1866-
George Stevens
Male Abt 1835-
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Samantha Yerdon
Female Abt 1837-1917
Jennie A. Moyer
Female 1861-1877
Edward A. Moyer
Male 1862-Abt 1863
Rena Moyer
Female 1862-1948
Frank S. Moyer
Male 1865-1877
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John G. Yerdon
Male 1813-1863
Elizab Deshane
Female Abt 1870-Aft 1935
Child Yerdon
Bef 1900-Bef 1900
Child Yerdon
Bef 1900-Bef 1900
Child Yerdon
Bef 1900-Bef 1900
Female 1829-
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Eva D. Caster
Female 1879-1946
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Orretta A. Bovee
Female 1878-1929
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Florence E. Bovee
Female Abt 1881-1908
Elizabeth Yerdon
Female Abt 1843-1915
Daniel B. Bovee
Male 1836-1918
Addie Yerdon
Female 1876-1952
Herman Yerdon
Male 1878-1922
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Jesse O. Yerdon
Male 1881-1939
Jessie Woodard
Female 1882-1918
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Mae Yerdon
Female 1884-
Bertha Yerdon
Female 1888-1955
Burton Nemier
Male 1887-1932
Harlow Yerden
Male 1891-1963
Emma L. Ador
Female 1888-1972
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Augustus Yerdon
Male 1847-1904
Candice Robinson
Female Abt 1847-
James Yerdon
Male Abt 1849-Aft 1855
George Yerdon
Male Abt 1852-
Nancy Elizabeth Yerdon
Female Abt 1802-1854
Albert W. Baxter
Male Abt 1867-
Mary Elizabeth Burnett
Female Abt 1835-1887
Mary E. Unknown
Female Abt 1835-
Henry N. Yerdon
Male Abt 1838-1864
Soloman H. Yerdon
Male Abt 1840-1882
Elizabeth Yerdon
Female Abt 1841-
Emily Yerdon
Female Abt 1843-
Bertha Yerdon
Female Abt 1866-
Alfred S. Yerdon
Male 1845-1915
Eliza Noble
Female 1849-1921
Jacob A. Yerdon
Male 1847-1915
Emily Ackerman
Female 1848-1931
Clarence Wilton Yerdon
Male Abt 1873-1874
John E. Yerdon
Male 1850-1912
Philona Lamphear
Female 1849-1919
Nancy Yerdon
Female Abt 1853-
James Yerdon
Male 1835-1853
Nancy Unknown
Female 1799-1860
David Henry Yerdon
Male 1831-Bef 1835
Anna McAvoy
Female 1868-Aft 1923
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Ida C. Yerdon
Female Abt 1867-Aft 1923
George A. F. Yerdon
Male 1870-Bef 1923
Franklin Yerdon
Male Abt 1870-1890
Gertrude Yerdon
Female Abt 1877-Aft 1923
David Yerdon
Male 1873-1876
James Yerdon
Male 1833-1897
Charlotte A. Burnett
Female Abt 1847-1921
Maria C. Yerdon
Female Abt 1841-1886
Robert D. Yerdon
Male 1843-1873
Mary Ann Unknown
Female 1846-1930
Elizabeth Miller
Female Abt 1805-1875
Margretha Yerdon
Female 1804-Bef 1900
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Elizabeth Dygart
Female 1778-1859