Phineas Stewart

Male 1721 -

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Norman Stewart
Male 1816-1846
David S. Stewart
Male 1814-1877
Lydia Moon
Female 1814-1900
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Terry Stewart, Jr.
Male 1818-Bef 1880
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Martha Steward
Female 1799-1846
Calvin Burton
Male 1804-Aft 1884
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Susanna Stewart
Female 1809-1888
Susan Thurber
Female 1820-1911
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Terry Stewart
Male 1770-1867
Rebecca Mott
Female 1810-1882
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Lydia Springer
Female 1804-1895
Jonah Huff
Male 1805-1896
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Elisha Springer
Male 1827-1892
Mary Jane Heady
Female 1834-1900
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Esther Stewart
Female 1777-1819
David Springer
Male 1776-1862
Sarah Stewart
Female 1802-1896
Seth Look
Male Abt 1798-1873
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Melissa Stewart
Female 1799-1863
Joel Stewart
Male 1804-1894
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Hannah Stewart
Female 1812-1880
Joseph Orton
Male 1810-1908
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Phineas Stewart
Male 1794-1898
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Harriet Ferguson
Female 1815-1876
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Sarah Unknown
Female 1824-1885
Mary Ann Harris
Female 1842-1879
Minerva Unknown
Female Abt 1815-1862
Ira Stewart
Male 1811-1894
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Mary Look
Female 1820-1850
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Ann Marpole
Female 1833-1901
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Patience Look
Female 1806-1881
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Mercy B. Stewart
Female 1795-1863
William M. Hale
Male Abt 1797-1882
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Eathol Stewart
Male 1771-1855
Esther Thurber
Female 1777-1870
Julia Blanchard
Female 1828-1908
Emma Horton
Female 1841-1890
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Johiel Stewart
Male 1812-1851
Annis Whitaker
Female 1816-1853
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Latham B. Stewart
Male Abt 1829-1879
Justus H Stewart
Male 1830-1911
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Sarah Stewart
Female Abt 1833-
Latham Stewart
Male 1774-Bef 1860
Marvel Buddington
Female 1796-Bef 1860
Renssealer Steward
Male Abt 1808-Bef 1955
Wealthy Covey
Female 1820-1861
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Elias T. Stewart
Male 1770-1854
Sarah Wilcox
Female 1780-1864
Lydia Stewart
Female 1770-Bef 1815
Johiel Stewart
Male Abt 1780-Abt 1810
Joseph Stewart
Male 1814-1847
Dorcas Whitford
Female Abt 1820-Aft 1880
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Wesson Allen
Male Abt 1824-Abt 1900
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John Stewart
Male Abt 1816-1879
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Alvin Stewart
Male 1810-1895
Mary Whitford
Female 1818-1896
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Justus Stewart
Male Abt 1776-Aft 1848
Sarah Church
Female Abt 1784-Aft 1840
Honor Unknown
Female Abt 1785-
Peter Stewart
Male 1778-1837
Melissa Stewart
Female Abt 1799-
Clark C. Stewart
Male Abt 1810-1887
Louisa Comstock
Female 1819-1873
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Lydia Stewart
Female Abt 1794-Abt 1875
Johannas Rima
Male 1788-1860
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Silas J. Stewart
Male Abt 1804-1872
Matilda V. Wells
Female 1813-1887
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Rosannah Clark
Female Abt 1826-
Lola Ann Castle
Female Abt 1806-1871
Smith Parke
Male 1818-1862
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Joel E. Stewart
Male 1773-1829
Phinehas Stewart
Male 1748-1812
Mary E Hull
Female 1750-1805
Sevilian Perkins
Male 1808-1878
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Phineas Perkins
Male 1802-1854
Phineas Perkins
Male 1776-1849
Rufus Perkins
Male 1763-1848
Rufus Perkins
Male 1776-1838
Jabez Perkins
Male 1779-1848
Asa Perkins
Male 1782-1861
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Jabez Perkins
Male 1766-1848
Rufus Perkins
Male 1743-1820
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Remember Babcock
Female 1720-1756
Esther Stewart
Female Abt 1775-
Mercy Stewart
Female 1762-1815
Nahum Chapman
Male 1757-1832
Lydia Stewart
Female 1767-1837
Amos Barber
Male 1765-1844
Hannah Barnaby
Female 1725-1775