Elizabeth Hocking

Female 1893 - 1980  (86 years)

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Elizabeth Hocking was born on 26 Aug 1893 in Mount Vernon, New York (daughter of Edwin Hocking and Annie Frazer); died on 31 Jan 1980.


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    Elizabeth married Vernon Van Aken on 15 Sep 1914. [Group Sheet]

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Edwin Hocking was born on 16 Apr 1870 in Michigan (son of John Hocking and Elizabeth Williams); died on 16 Feb 1938.


    Newspaper Obituary - Wednesday, February 16, 1938 Daily Argus - Mount Vernon, New York - Edwin Hocking, sixty seven of 242 South Third Avenue, died of a heart attack early today at his home. He had been in poor health for some time. Mr. Hocking was born at Marqette, Mich., but had been a resident of Mount Vernon since he was ten years old. He attended the public schools here and later became an upholsterer, organizing his own business. He reitred two years ago. He was a member of the First Presbyterian Church. Surviving are his wife, Annie Hocking, four sons, Harold, of North Pelham, Clarence, Arthur and Alvin, all of Mount Vernon, and three daughters, Mrs. Vernon Van Aken, Yonkers, Mrs. W. W. Smith, Fort Riley, Kas., and Miss Edna May Hocking, also of Fort Riley, by three brothers, Frank and William of Yonkers and James, of Mount Vernon, and by 19 grandchildren. Funeral services will be conducted Saturday at 2 P. M. at the Burr Davis Mortuary, by the Rev. Ernest John Houghton, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church. Burial will be in Mount Hope Cemetery.



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    Edwin married Annie Frazer. Annie was born on 21 Oct 1870 in Blantyer, Scotland; died on 15 Oct 1952. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Annie Frazer was born on 21 Oct 1870 in Blantyer, Scotland; died on 15 Oct 1952.



    1. 1. Elizabeth Hocking was born on 26 Aug 1893 in Mount Vernon, New York; died on 31 Jan 1980.
    2. Harold Hocking was born in 1901; died in 1976.
    3. Clarence Hocking was born on 3 Oct 1903 in Mount Vernon, New York; died on 29 Apr 1986.
    4. Ralph E. Hocking was born on 22 Jul 1899; died in Oct 1928.
    5. Victor Robert Hocking was born in 1911; died in Jun 1932.
    6. Alvin Hocking
    7. Margaret Peggy Hocking
    8. Arthur Hocking
    9. Edna Hocking
    10. Pearl Hocking

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  John Hocking was born in 1834 in Cornwall, England (son of Peter Hocking and Elizabeth Bond); died on 5 Jan 1895 in Mount Vernon, New York.


    Newspaper Obituary - Saturday, January 5, 1895 Daily Argus - Mount Vernon, New York - John Hocking Passes Away - A Man With an Intersting History - he Lost and Begained a Fortune - A Good Moral Lesson From His Life - John Hocking is dead. He passed quiety away at 4 o'clock this morning, after an illness of five weeks. Mr. Hocking contracted a severe cold which developed into pneumonia. His strong constitution carried him along, but finally this gave way, and he succumbed. Mr. John Hocking was a remarkable man in many ways. He came to this county 50 years ago from England, where he was born. He settled in Wisconsin, where he accumulated $100,000 although he could not read or write. This sum, however, he lost on account of injuscious habits. He afterword came east, lived in Pelham awhile, and then moved to this city, about fifteen years ago. He was a general contractor. In 1891, he received the contract to remove ashes and garbage, and being a frugal man, saved quite a little money. Twenty five years ago Mr. Hocking signed the temperance pledge and kept it faithfully until his death, even as the end was approaching, he was offered brandy and informed that would bring him through and prolong life, the sick man replied "that between brandy and death, he preferred death." He refused the brandy. Mr. Hocking was twice married and leaves a large family. The funeral will take place from his late home on Sixth street, at the foot of Franklin Avenue, Tuesday afternoon next, at 2 o'clock. Interment in Woodlawn.


    Hocking - At Mount Vernon, N. Y., Jan 5, 1895, John Hocking, aged 60 years. Relatives and friends are invited to attend the funeral at his late residence. Mount Vernon, on Tuesday, Jan 8, at 2 o'clock p.m.

    John married Elizabeth Williams in Jun 1852. Elizabeth was born in Feb 1832 in Cornwall, England; died on 8 Jan 1920 in Mount Vernon, New York. [Group Sheet]

  2. 5.  Elizabeth Williams was born in Feb 1832 in Cornwall, England; died on 8 Jan 1920 in Mount Vernon, New York.


    Newspaper Article - Wednesday, November 16, 1910 Daily Argus - Woman’s World - Remarkable Mount Vernon Woman - One of Mount Vernon’s remarkable women is Mrs. Elizabeth Hocking who has passed the 78th mile stone in years and has had 11 children, nine of whom are living; 60 grandchildren and 31 great grandchildren. Three of her sons and one daughter reside in this city. In the picture appears Mrs. Hocking, her son Frank, his son Frank Jr., and baby Cyril (Searle), the son of Frank Jr., all of New York. Mrs. Hocking has been a resident of Mount Vernon for thirty years, for the last five years living at 421 East Third street, with her son Alvin Hocking. She is bright and active, a good conversationalist and takes a lively interest in current events. Time has dealt gently with this wonderful old lady, retaining for her all her faculties, while so lightly touching her hair with silver, that she seems not a day over sixty years of age. Cornwall, England was the birth place of Elizabeth Williams, and it was there in June 1852 that she married to John Hocking. In 1866, just at the close of the Civil War she came to this country with three little children to join her husband who was then employed in digging a canal from the timber lands of Michigan to Lake Superior to be used for floating the logs to the lake. Mrs. Hocking too passage on the steamer “City of Boston” which was 15 days in making the journey, being overtaken by a severe storm and so buffeted by wind and wave that her passengers often despaired of reaching shore. Wearied from the hazardous trip across the Atlantic, Mrs. Hocking stayed in New York with friends of her husband for six weeks before attempting to go west. Upon reaching Marquette, Mich. , she found her husband living in a one room hut, with a bed, one chair and a table, hewed from rough logs, for furniture. The foreman of the gang, however, upon learning of her arrival, sent his men down to build a shanty for her use, which consisted of a cellar, a kitchen, two bedrooms and an attic. This she was able to make comfortable. Provisions at that time was bought in quantities, a barrel of flour sometimes costing $15.00. Mrs. Hocking gives a very amusing account of her first experience with the Indians. While she was preparing dinner one day, a canoe of Indians had come down the lake, but her first intimation of this was upon going to the door she was greeted amicably by an old white haired Indian who was dressed in full regalia. Mrs. Hocking was much frightened; but she soon grew friendly with her Indian neighbors who visited her frequently, especially after her son, William, was born in 1867; the first white child born in the Indian’s territory. A little white baby was a great curiosity to the squaws who flocked to see him so that Mrs. Hocking often entertained at “afternoon teas.” The rough life, however, proved too strenuous, so that her husband bought a lot in the city of Marquette and they moved there. Coming to Mount Vernon in 1880, they resided on Eleventh avenue near Fifth street for eleven years, then moved to Franklin avenue where Mr. Hocking died in 1895. Mrs. Hocking has watched with interest the city grow to its present population. Her husband was awarded the first contract for the collection of garbage, when the village of Mount Vernon was made into a city. Mrs. Hocking has traveled extensively through the United States, and now enjoys little visits among her children and grandchildren, always making the journeys along. She is interested in music and literature and is a strong advocate of total abstinence, having now in her possession several unpublished manuscripts upon the temperance question of today.

    Newspaper Obituary - Friday, January 9, 1920 Daily Argus - Mrs. Elizabeth Hocking, age 88 years, for the last 40 years a resident of this city and widow of John Hocking, at one time a city contractor, died yesterday at the home of her son, Edward Hocking, 249 North Railroad avenue, from the infirmities of advanced age. The death of her husband occurred 25 years ago. Mrs. Hocking is survived by five sons and one daughter. The funeral services will be conducted Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the residence of her son by Rev. J. Hillman Hollister, pastor of the First Presbyterian church, and the interment will take place in Woodlawn cemetery. - Deaths - Hocking - Died, on January 8 1920, Mrs. Elizabeth Hocking, age 88 years, widow of John Hocking. Funeral services will be conducted on Sunday afternoon, January 11, 1920, at the residence of her son, Edward Hocking, 249 North Railroad avenue, at 3 o'clock. The interment will take place in Woodlawn cemetery.


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    1. Francis John Hocking, Sr. was born on 8 Apr 1865 in Michigan; died on 27 Apr 1952.
    2. 2. Edwin Hocking was born on 16 Apr 1870 in Michigan; died on 16 Feb 1938.
    3. James Hocking was born in 1872 in Cornwall, England; died on 29 Oct 1950 in Mount Vernon, New York.
    4. Alvin Hocking was born on 2 Feb 1875 in Michigan; died on 1 Jan 1923 in Mount Vernon, New York.
    5. Elizabeth Hocking was born in 1863 in England.
    6. William John Hocking was born about 1868 in Lake Superior, Michigan; died in Dec 1952.
    7. Mary Hocking was born in 1856.
    8. Eleanor Emilie Amelia Hocking was born on 13 Jul 1865 in England.
    9. Sidney Hocking was born about 1867 in St Keverne, Cornwall, England.
    10. Julia Ann Hocking was born about 1870 in St Keverne, Cornwall, England.

Generation: 4

  1. 8.  Peter Hocking was born on 29 Mar 1801 in Cornwall, England; died on 29 Sep 1874 in Newlyn, Cornwall, , England.


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    Peter married Elizabeth Bond in 1823 in Ruan Lanihorne. Elizabeth was born in 1790; died in 1838. [Group Sheet]

  2. 9.  Elizabeth Bond was born in 1790; died in 1838.
    1. 4. John Hocking was born in 1834 in Cornwall, England; died on 5 Jan 1895 in Mount Vernon, New York.
    2. Edwin Peter Hocking was born in 1833 in Helston, Cornwall, England; died in 1898.
    3. William Hocking was born in 1826 in Cornwall, England.
    4. Elizabeth Hocking was born in 1834 in Helston, Cornwall, England; died in 1912 in Redruth Cornwall.
    5. Unknown Hocking