Elizabeth Eddy

Female 1719 -

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Elizabeth Eddy was born on 13 Nov 1719 in Watertown, MA (daughter of Benjamin Eddy and Elizabeth Phillips).

    Elizabeth married on 22 Feb 1736/37 in Oxford, MA. [Group Sheet]

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Benjamin Eddy was born on 16 Sep 1673 in Watertown, MA (son of Samuel Eddy and Sarah Meade); died on 19 Dec 1729 in Oxford, MA.

    Benjamin married Elizabeth Phillips on 7 Nov 1716. Elizabeth was born about 1682; died on 25 Sep 1759. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Elizabeth Phillips was born about 1682; died on 25 Sep 1759.
    1. Jonas Eddy was born on 20 Mar 1720/21 in Watertown, MA; died on 3 Jun 1745 in Watertown, MA.
    2. William Eddy was born on 5 Feb 1724/25 in Oxford, MA; died on 16 Mar 1805 in Oxford, MA.
    3. 1. Elizabeth Eddy was born on 13 Nov 1719 in Watertown, MA.
    4. Jonathan Eddy was born on 6 Aug 1717 in Watertown, MA; died on 8 Dec 1730 in Oxford, MA.
    5. William Eddy was born on 6 Feb 1723/24 in Oxford, MA.

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  Samuel Eddy was born on 30 Sep 1640 in Watertown, MA (son of John Eddy and Amie Doggett); died on 22 Nov 1711 in Watertown, MA.

    Samuel married Sarah Meade on 30 Sep 1664. [Group Sheet]

  2. 5.  Sarah Meade
    1. Elizabeth Eddy was born on 2 Feb 1678/79 in Watertown, MA; died on 12 Mar 1711/12.
    2. John Eddy was born about 1666; died on 26 Jul 1694 in Watertown, MA.
    3. Samuel Eddy was born on 4 Jun 1668 in Watertown, MA; died on 6 Aug 1746 in Oxford, MA.
    4. Deliverance Eddy was born on 15 Jul 1676.
    5. Ruth Eddy was born on 3 Nov 1681 in Watertown, MA; died on 13 Oct 1702.
    6. Sarah Eddy was born on 31 Oct 1670 in Watertown, MA; died on 7 Nov 1711.
    7. 2. Benjamin Eddy was born on 16 Sep 1673 in Watertown, MA; died on 19 Dec 1729 in Oxford, MA.
    8. Joanna Eddy was born on 24 Apr 1685 in Watertown, MA.

Generation: 4

  1. 8.  John Eddy was born on 27 Mar 1597 in St. Dunstan's, Cranbrook County, Kent, England (son of Rev. Reverend William Eddye and Mary Fosten); died on 12 Oct 1684 in Rehoboth, Bristol, MA.


    John and Amie and family came to Massachusetts in the vessel "Handmaid" which left London 10 August 1630 and arrived in Plymouth on 29 October 1630. John Eddy 1 2, son of Rev. William Eddy and Mary Fosten, was born in Mar 1596/97 in Cranbrook, Kent, ENG 2, was baptized on 27 Mar 1597 in St. Dustan's, Cranbrook, Kent , Eng 2 3, died on 12 Oct 1684 in Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA 2 and was buried in Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA 2. Documented events in his life were: 1. Mention in Will, Inv. or Prob.; 20 Aug 1616; Cranbrook, Kent, ENG 4. Received legacy in father's will. 2. Emigrant Ancestor; 1630; Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA 2. Sailed on the HANDMAID 3. Oath of Freemanship/Allegiance; 3 Sep 1634; Massachusetts Bay Colony, MA 5. John married Amy Doggett, daughter of John Doggett and Dorothy Unknown (Doggett), on 22 May 1619 in Cranbrook, Kent, ENG 6 7. (Amy Doggett was born on 16 Jul 1597 in Groton, Suffolk, Eng, baptized on 16 Jul 1597 in Groton, Suffolk, Eng 3 and died on 20 Aug 1683 in Rehoboth, Bristol Co., MA Children from this marriage were: 2 F i. Mary Eddy 1 2 was born before 10 Mar 1624/25 in Nayland, Suffolk, Eng, was baptized on 10 Mar 1624/25 in Nayland, Suffolk, Eng 2 8, died on 19 Sep 1683 in West Springfield, Hampden Co., MA and was buried in Sep 1683 in Massachusetts. Documented events in her life were: 1. Court Appearance; 9 Oct 1640; Springfield, Hampden Co., MA 9. Called before the court to answer for selling or lending her late husband's gun to an Indian: "The Examination of Widdow Horton about sellingher husband peice to the Indians: She saith that she hath not sould it but she confesseth that she lent it to an Indian for it lay spoininge in her seller, but she saith that the Indian is suddenly to bringe it againe and he hath lost about six fatham of wampam in pawne for it: and she saith that she knew of no order against it and doth promist to take it home againe: she cannot tell the Indians name but saith it is an Indian Of Agaam. I tould her if she would speedily get it home againe or else it would cost her dere for no commonwealth would allow of such a misdemenor." 2. Marriage Contract; 7 Aug 1641; Springfield, Hampden Co., MA 9. Marriage contract with Robert Ashley which protected the estate of her late husband for her two sons. 3. Mention in Will, Inv. or Prob.; 9 Oct 1679; Springfield, Hampden Co., MA. Received Dower rights in her husband's will. 4. VR - Death; 19 Sep 1683; Springfield, Hampden Co., MA 10. Ashley, Mary, widow, d. Sept. 19, 1683 Mary married Robert Ashley on 7 Aug 1641 in Springfield, Hampden Co., MA. (Robert Ashley was born about 1620 in Wales Or England 11, died on 29 Nov 1682 in West Springfield, Hampden Co., MA 12 and was buried in Springfield, Hampden Co., MA 11.) Documented events in his life were: 1. Jury Duty; 2 Jan 1639/40; Springfield, Hampden Co., MA 9. Served on the jury hearing the case of George Moxon vs. John Woodcock for slander. 2. Jury Duty; 10 Sep 1640; Springfield, Hampden Co., MA 13. Served on jury hearing case between Henry Gregory & John Woodcoke in action of the case for 'fower poundes fowerteene shillings' 3. Lawsuit; 15 Feb 1640/41; Springfield, Hampden Co., MA 9. Brought complaint against John Woodcocke for a gun that was purchased but not delivered and for not breaking up of certain grounds for planting as had been agreed. Jury found for Robert in the sum of 22s 6d with costs of 4s, plus bound over swine owned by Woodcocke for the preformance of the ground breaking. 4. Marriage Contract; 7 Aug 1641; Springfield, Hampden Co., MA 9. Marriage contract between Robert Ashley & the widow Horton. 5. Town Office; 24 Dec 1641; Springfield, Hampden Co., MA 13. Robert Ashly was sworne Constable of Springfield this 24 day of the 10 month 1641 6. Fine; 5 Jan 1641/42; Springfield, Hampden Co., MA 13. "Robert Ashly beinge Constable came not in a due tyme to make retourne of his warrent and therefore it is thought meete to fine him in the some of two shillinges six pence: it being now past ten of the clock neer eleven and he was ordered to appoint the meeting at nine aclock" 7. Lawsuit; 21 Dec 1643; Springfield, Hampden Co., MA 13. "Thomas Merick compaines in an action of the case against Robert Ashley for kepinge a pig which Mr. Thomas Mericke saith is his"; "The Jury find for the defendant; they find the pigg to be his and they give 7s Costes to the defendant and for the witnesses 5s." The case is continued 8 Feb 1643/4: "Thomas Mericke complaines against Robert Ashly in Revew about a pigg.. The Jury havening been held most what in hering the plea and the proofes till nere midnight desyred liberty not to bring in this verdict till an houer before sunnsett which was granted." 9 Feb 1643/4: "Both plaintife and defendant mett at the turne appointed and the Jury; and the plaintife desyred a futher hearing before the Jury brought in their verdict; which was granted provided he could produce any new frofe or could nulife any former allegation of the defendant. And Goody Stebbing was herd what she could say uppon her. The Jury returned this verdict: we find for the defendant The pigge to be his and we give him besides Ten shilings for costes and three shilings more for the Jury and Three shillings more for witnesses." [on 14 Feb 1643/4, John Leonard was put out of his place as Constable "as a mark of disfavor for swearinge to a lie in the evidence he gave betweene Thomas Merik & Robert Ashly." The record doesn't say for which side he testified.] 8. Oath of Fidelity; 6 Feb 1648/49; Springfield, Hampden Co., MA 13. 9. Fine; 30 May 1649; Springfield, Hampden Co., MA 13. Along with James Bridgeman ordered to pay 1½ bushels of marsh wheat to Henry Burt for the damage their team of oxen did to his field. 10. Jury Duty; 2 Mar 1653/54; Springfield, Hampden Co., MA 13. Served on jury hearing the case between Margaret Bliss, widow, against Thomas Mirach. 11. Jury Duty; 1 Mar 1654/55; Springfield, Hampden Co., MA 13. Served on the jury that heard several cases on this date. 12. Court Order; 27 Jun 1655; Springfield, Hampden Co., MA 13. A Court Order was sent to Robert Ashley & his wife "forbiddinge them to sell wine or strong waters to the Indians." 13. Oath of Freemanship/Allegiance; 25 Apr 1656; Springfield, Hampden Co., MA 13. "these were Sworne Freemen": Robert Ashly 14. Financial Transactions; 1659; Springfield, Hampden Co., MA 14. Ashley, Robert Vol II, 1657-1666 . Page 113 Robert Ashley CR Sept 16 59 By a horse to fort Aurania 01 05 00 Vol III, 1664-1667 . Page 249 Robert Ashley CR Dec 15 1668 By Carying downe and bringing up goods 00 08 06 By cart 1 load wood 3s Bringing up goods up the falls 5s 00 08 00 Vol II, 1657-1666 . Page 113 [p 270] Robert Ashley CR Apr 30th 1659 By Wm Deines his Note for Ginny 3 li & for Edw Mesenger 20s all is 04 00 00 Sept 16 59 By Wm Deines 00 12 00 Hadley Town Credit Nov 11th 1663 By Wm Lewis which Robert Ashly pd me in to Tho Colemen 01 07 00 Volume I, 1651-1655 . Page 95 [p 457] Robert Ashley Novembr 10th 1652 1 Iron Ladle 00 01 08 6 Panes of Glass at 2s 5d per pane 00 14 06 15. Town Office; 27 Mar 1660; Springfield, Hampden Co., MA 13. "Robert Ashley being chosen Sealer for weights & measures for this Town of Springfeild for the yeere ensueing, was at this Corte sworne to the performance of his duty" 16. Lawsuit; 25 Sep 1660; Springfield, Hampden Co., MA 13. Miles Morgan Plantiffe contra Robert Ashley defendant in an action of the case for wrongful impoundinge of his swine. The Plaintiffe withdrew his action, Hee and the defendant aggreeinge between themselves: And the Plantifffe is to pay 10s for entry of his action. 17. Jury Duty; 24 Sep 1661; Springfield, Hampden Co., MA 13. 18. Jury Duty; 30 Sep 1662; Springfield, Hampden Co., MA 13. 19. Signed Petition; 2 Feb 1668/69; Springfield, Hampden Co., MA 15. Signed a petition protesting the imposition by England of customs upon goods being exported into and from Massachusetts Colony. 20. Oath of Freemanship/Allegiance; 1 Jan 1678/79; Springfield, Hampden Co., MA 16. 21. Will; 9 Oct 1679; Springfield, Hampden Co., MA. "Robert Ashley deceased, his Last Will and Testament togeather with an Inventory of his estate was prsented to this Corte [holden at Northampton March 27, 1683] which will aforesaid was attested to by Mr Holyoke before ye Worshipll Major Pynchon and ye Worshipfull Major Pynchon made oath before this Corte as witnesses to sd will & it was thereupon approved & confirmed in Corte as ye Last Will and Testament of Robt Ashley deceased. And Wras he nominated noe Executor to his sd Will this Corte, therefore appointed & allowed the widdow Relict of sd Robt Ashley and Joseph Ashley his son as administrators to sd Estate of Robt Ashley. (*) See "N.-E. Hist, and Geneal. Reg.," vol. 9, p. 87. Here followeth Coppys of s?? Robt Ashley's Last Will and of ye Inventory of his Estate. I, Robert Ashley, being aged and of infirme body but yet of sound minde and perfect memory doe now make this my Last Will and Testament. In the first place I doe comitt my Soul to ye care, grace and salvation of one God in three persons, the second person being incarnate, Who by His blood hath purchased it, trusting in His name for all that good of grace and glory He hath bought for His, having hopes only for His own sake and in His alsufficient mercyes, that He will at ye Resurrection of ye just reunite Soul and Body to enjoy a sinless state with Himself in that house not made with hands which He hath prpared for those who believe in Him. And my Body to such decent buriall as my friends and surviveing relations shall judge meete. Nextly I doe confirme my deede of gift made to my beloved son Jonathan of lands, uplands, meadows on ye East side of Conitticut River all as in that sd deede is expressed. And to my beloved son Joseph I doe give all my lands on ye West side of ye sd River, that at Chickapy plaine and that over against the town plott on ye East side of ye sd River, and that below Agawame River, all these on the West side of Conitticut River. Also I doe give unto my son Joseph that lott I have this yeare bought of Major Pynchon, Esqr, lyeing and fronting on the lane that leades to ye upper wharfe on ye East side Conitticut River. And to my welbeloved son David I doe give five pounds besides what I have given him alreadie. And to my welbeloved wife Mary I doe give the full thirds of all the lands on both sides ye sd River, dureing the terme of her natureall life. To my grandson John Ashley I doe give a colt. And to the rest of the children of my beloved son David Ashley I do give ten shillings pr child. And to the children of my beloved son John Root I do give ten shillings a peice. And for the rest of my estate, all my debts being paid, and in particular that debt for the lot fronting upon the upper wharfe, I do give one third thereof to my well beloved wife during her natural life. And the other two thirds to my son Joseph and my wife's thirds to Joseph at her decease, he being to pay her five pounds when she dyes, and in case my son Joseph dye without issue then this whole estate bequeathed hereby to my son Joseph I do order and bequeath to my son David and his children. In witness whereof I do hereunto set my hand and seal this 9th day of October Anno: Dom: 1679. Robert Ashley ?? his mark. Signed sealed in ye presence of John Pynchon, Sen. John Holyoke."(*) (*) Hampsh. Co. Prob. Rec., vol. 1, p. 225. The original is not on file. "March 26, 1683, Mr, John Holyoke appeared declared being present at the time he saw Robert Ashley signe and seale this Instrument as his last Will and that when he so did he was of sound understanding to the best of his knowledge and hereunto made oath before me John Pynchon, Assistant." "Major Pynchon made oath as a testimony to this and that the testator was of sound mind when he made it to the best of his understanding. March 27, 1683. S. P., Clerk."( Hampsh. Co. Prob. Rec., vol. 1, p. 22 This instrument having obtained official approval, the court appointed his son Joseph and his widow Mary administrators of his estate. 22. VR - Death; 29 Nov 1682; Springfield, Hampden Co., MA 17. 23. Inventory Taken; 24 Mar 1682/83; Springfield, Hampden Co., MA. "Here followeth a coppy of ye Inventory of ye Estate of Robert Ashley of Springfield deceased taken Mch 24, 1682/3. Œ s p To houseing and homestead and other Lands 347 00 00 To six oxen at 26œ, To 3 cowes 12œ, To 3 heifers 8œ: 10s 046 10 00 To three calves at 1œ To 4 horses at 12œ: 10s, To 6 Swine at 4œ 017 10- Divers sorts of graine in the chamber 009-00-00 More divers sorts of provision or meat for the familie 009 19 06 In the lower roome 1 feather bead 3œ 2 ruggs 3œ 2 blanketts 1œ: 10s 3 pillows and 3 pillow beers & 1 sheet 1œ: 3?? and 9d 1 chaffe bed 07s and flock bolsters 3s 009 03 09 A still 1œ: 10s Tubs and casks 22s and hemp in the chamber 3s 002 15 00 Pilian and pilian cloth 5s Two cushians 3s a cartwheel's bands and an old cart rope 21s & other lumber 4s & an old sithe 1s: 6d 001 14 06 Another feather bed and bolster and pillows and bed clothing and bedsted and old curtaines and bedstead cloth 007 15 00 A chaffe bed and bolster and pillow beers, rugs & sheets to it and a blanket 10s Cheese in the chamber 005 05 00 Three pair of sheets and 1 old sheet 3œ Bookes 20s 004 00 00 Five sheets 3œ 1 large table cloth 12s five table cloths & three pillow beers 21s & 25 napkins 12s: 06d and 4 shirts 10s 005 15 06 A searge cloke 30s & searge doublet and breatches 20s an old cloth Cloke and doublet 10s and 2 old pair of breaches 2s & wastcoat 5s 003 07 00 3 old chairs and 3 old cushians 3s an old chest and box 5s 000 08 00 Two great brass old kittles 3œ 6 small old brass kittles & a brass pan 2œ a warming pan and frying pan 10s 3 iron potts 30s A iron skillett 2s & brass skillett and a scimmer 2s 007 04 00 A brass morter, a brass ladle & 2 iron pestles 6s: 6d 000 06 06 Two quart potts, 2 pint potts 9s A half pint 1s 6 small pewter platters 11s 2 pewter basons 5s 6 pottringers 5s 5 saucers 3s Three pewter bowles 2s: 6d 001 16 06 A tin pan, one colender, one tunnell, one tin candlestick 2s: 6d One brass candlestick 3s six spoones 3s 6 old spoones 1s: 6d 000 10 00 Wooden dishes, platters and bowles 14s 2 wooden bottles 3s 17 trenchers 15s two sives 2s earthen ware six shillings (*)002 00 00 Pailes and a buckett 3s: 6d 2 spinning wheels 5s: 6d 000 09 00 Four cheesmotes 4s a little box 1s old stockins 1s: 6d 000 06 06 Box iron & heaters & a bell 3s tongs 4s fire pan 1s 3 cob irons 12s two trammells 8s an old spade 1s 001 09 00 Two guns 30s a rapier 5s 001 15 00 Six baggs 12s cartwheel boxes 12s cart 10s a clevis and pin 5s Axtree pinns 3s yoke staple and ring 6s clince pinns and two washers 3s 002 11 00 Two hipple tree chaines and 2 pair of iron traces 001 00 00 An old sith and sith tackling 2s: 6d three sickles 000 04 00 Two hammers 2s axes 3s beetle ring 3s 000 08 00 1 wedge 1s a bail and hoop 3s: 6d hookes for a draught yoke 1s a hacket & saw 5s 000 10 06 Plow chain, clevis and pin 6s share and colter 16s a hay hoock 1s nails 2s a chamber pot, a stubing hoe, a broad hoe, a sled 001 19 06 Total (+)492 02 09 3 F ii. Sarah Eddy 1 2 was born about 1628 in Cranbrook, Kent, ENG 2 and died on 3 Feb 1709/10 in Boston, Suffolk Co., MA 2. Documented events in her life were: 1. FILL IN. double check births in research against children and add the ones that match 4 F iii. Pilgrim Eddy 1 2 3 was born on 25 Aug 1634 in Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA 2 18 19 and died in 1644. Documented events in her life were: 1. Marriage 3. 1) William Baker, 1656; 2) Isaac Stedman; 3) Sylvester Eveleth, 1679 5 M iv. John Eddy 1 2 3 20 was born before 29 Mar 1624 in Boxted, Nayland, Suffolk, ENG 19, was baptized on 29 Mar 1624 in Boxted, Nayland, Suffolk, ENG 2 and died in 1624 in England 19. 6 M v. Benjamin Eddy 1 2 3 was born in 1639 in Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA 2, died in 1639 in Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA 3 and was buried in 1639 in Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA. 7 M vi. Samuel Eddy 1 2 18 was born on 30 Sep 1640 in Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA 2 18 20 and died on 22 Nov 1711 in Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA. Documented events in his life were: 1. VR - Birth; 30 Sep 1640; Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA 21. Birth of Samuel, the son of John & Amy Eddy. 2. VR - Marriage; 31 Nov 1664; Dorchester, Suffolk Co., MA 22. Married Sarah Mede [date is given as 31 (9 mo.) 1664] 8 F vii. Abigail Eddy 1 2 3 was born on 11 Oct 1643 in Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA 2 18 and died before 1677 in Charlestown, Suffolk Co., MA. Documented events in her life were: 1. VR - Birth; 11 Oct 1643; Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA 23. Birth of Abigail, daughter of John & Amy Eddy. 9 F viii. Ruby Eddy 1 2 3 19 was born in 1645 in Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA 2. Documented events in her life were: 1. Marriage; 1670 3. Married Ezekiel Gardner 10 M ix. John Eddy The Younger 2 8 was born on 16 Feb 1636/37 in Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA 2 8 and died on 27 Dec 1707 in Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA 8. Documented events in his life were: 1. VR - Birth; 16 Feb 1636/37; Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA 21. Birth of John, ye son of John & Amie Eddie 11 M x. John Eddy was baptized on 9 Jun 1622 in Nayland, Suffolk, Eng and was buried on 8 Feb 1622/23 in Nayland, Suffolk, Eng. JOHN EDDY ORIGIN: Boxted, Essex MIGRATION: 1630 on Handmaid FIRST RESIDENCE: Plymouth REMOVES: Watertown 1631 CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: Admission to Watertown church prior to March 1632/3 implied by Winthrop anecdote [ WJ 1:120]. FREEMAN: 3 September 1634 (eighth in a sequence of eleven Watertown men) [ MBCR 1:369]. EDUCATION: On 29 November 1670 Watertown selectmen ordered "that John Edy senior shall go to John Fisk his house and to Georg Lorance and Willyam Preist houses to inquire about their children whether they be learned to read the English tongue and in case they be defective to warn in the said John, Georg and Willyam to the next meeting of the selectmen" [ WaTR 102], and on 3 January 1670/1 "John Edy senior and Isaak Sternes were appointed to speak with Willyam Knop about the education of his daughter and to make return how they find it as to her education and also being kept under restraint and government" [ WaTR 104]. His inventory included "a chain, a small table, a parcel of books" valued at 10s. OFFICES: Watertown selectman, 23 August 1634, 30 [Nov]ember 1635, 10 October 1636, 7 November 1670 [ WaTR 1, 2, 102]; with Nathaniel Treadway "nominated to look to the orders of hogs & fences," 14 January 1655/6 [ WaTR 44] ESTATE: Granted Great Dividend of fifty acres at Watertown, 25 July 1636 [ WaBOP 5]; granted Beaverbrook Plowland of nine acres, 28 February 1636/7 [ WaBOP 6]; granted Remote Meadow of nine acres, 26 June 1637 [ WaBOP 8]; granted farm of one-hundred-twenty-three acres, 10 May 1642 [ WaBOP 13]. In the Watertown Inventory of Grants John Eddy held ten parcels: sixteen acre homestall; two acres of meadow; Great Dividend of fifty acres; nineteen acres and a half of upland beyond the Further Plain; nine acres of Remote Meadow; six acres of upland; two acres and one rood of marsh; one acre and a half of meadow; seven acres of plowland in the Hither Plain; and one acre and a half of meadow in Ward's Meadow [ WaBOP 81]. In the Inventory of Possessions he held three parcels, which he had acquired from Emanuel White: twenty acre homestall; three acres of Remote Meadows; and Great Dividend of twenty-five acres [ WaBOP 117; see also WaBOP 78]. In the Composite Inventory he held seven parcels: forty acre homestall; four acres of meadow; Great Dividend of fifty acres; Great Dividend of twenty-five acres; nineteen acres and a half beyond the Further Plain; twelve acres of Remote Meadow; and a farm of one-hundred-twenty-three acres [ WaBOP 25]. In his will, dated 11 January 1677[/8?] and proved 16 December 1684, "John Eddie of Watertowne, senior," bequeathed to "my son Samuell Eddie ... my homestall being by estimation forty acres more or less with my dwelling house and barn and all the appurtenances thereunto belonging, with seven acres of meadow and upland lying right over against Widow Barnard's house," he to pay to "my son John Eddie thirty pounds," as further limited by a writing "my sons-in-law John Miriam and Thomas Orton had ... of me"; also to "my son Samuell aforesaid a lot of twelve acres of upland more or less lying and being on the top of Stonie Brook Hill"; to "my four daughters Marie Orton, Sarah Miriam, Pilgrim Steadman, Ruth Gardner, a hundred acres of upland ... being a farm lying near upland called Nonesuch ... to be equally divided between my four daughters aforesaid"; to "my two sons aforesaid Samuell and John Eddie" all movables to be equally divided between them; "as for my dear and wellbeloved wife I have a writing under my hand and witness to it with the particulars therein mentioned what she shall enjoy after my death"; to "my son John aforesaid fourscore and five acres of land being land called by the name of farm land"; son Samuel Eddy to be executor [ MPR Case #6825]. The inventory of the estate of John Eddy was taken 8 December 1684 and totalled £246 7s., of which £216 was real estate: "dwelling house and barn with about forty acres of land to it," £160; "seven acres of land over against the Widow Barnard's," £30; "twelve acres of land called the township land lying near Stony Brook," £6; and "land called farm land about a hundred acres," £20 [ MPR Case #6825]. On 9 February 1703/4, after a recapitulation of the grant of a farm in Watertown to John Eddy and the bequest by Eddy of that farm to his four daughters Mary Orton, Sarah Miriam, Pilgrim Steadman and Ruth Gardner, the farm was sold to Alexander Miller of Boston by John Marion Sr. of Boston, cordwainer, and Sarah his wife, Ruth Gardner, relict widow of Ezekiel Gardner late of Boston, Pilgrim Baker [sic] (formerly the said Pilgrim Steadman) of Boston, widow, Samuel Pearce of Boston, cooper, and Mary his wife, daughter of Mary Orton who is deceased, Nathaniel Baker of Boston, baker, only son of the said Pilgrim Baker, and Samuel Gardner of Boston, tailor, eldest son of Ruth Gardner; among the signers was "Pilgrim Evle" rather than Pilgrim Baker [ MLR 16:126-27]. BIRTH: Baptized March 1597 Cranbrook, Kent, son of Reverend William and Mary (Fosten) Eddy [ Eddy Gen 3-15]. DEATH: Watertown 12 October 1684 "aged 90 years" [ WaVR 55]. MARRIAGE: (1) By about 1622 Amy Doggett; she died after about 1645, when her youngest child was born. (2) After 12 May 1666 Joanna (_____) Meade, widow of Gabriel Meade; she died Watertown 25 August 1683 ("Johanna Eddy wife of John Eddy Sen[ior] ... aged about 80 years" [ WaVR 53]). (Complete proof for this identification of the second wife is lacking, but it seems likely, since in 1664 John's son Samuel had married Sarah, daughter of Gabriel Meade, in 1675 David Meade, son of Gabriel, married in Watertown, and Israel Meade, another son, was said to have gone to Watertown [ DChR 171].) CHILDREN: i JOHN, bp. Nayland, Suffolk, 9 June 1622 [ Eddy Gen 15]; bur. there 8 February 1622/3 [ Eddy Gen 15]. ii JOHN, bp. Nayland 29 March 1624 [ Eddy Gen 15]; d. soon. iii MARY, bp. Nayland 10 March 1625/6 [ Eddy Gen 15]; m. by 1648 Thomas Orton (eldest child b. Charlestown 27 August 1648 [ ChVR 1:10]). iv SARAH, b. about 1628 (d. Boston 3 February 1709/10 in 85th year [ Eddy Gen 29; King's Chapel 173], which would calculate to a birth about 1625, but this conflicts with the baptismal date for sister Mary, who is consistently listed first among the four daughters); m. by 1651 John Marion of Boston ("John Merion and Sara his wife" admitted to Boston church 15 February 1651/2 [ BChR 54] and "John Merion son of our brother John Merion" bp. Boston 22 February 1651/2 [ BChR 323]). (The John Marion of Water town who had "Mary the daughter of John & Sarah Marrian buried 24 (11) 2 mo. old" 1641 [ WaVR 9] and other children born in Watertown in the 1640s must be the man of that name who later appears in Hampton [ GDMNH 458]; the two John Marions may have been related.) v PILGRIM, b. Watertown 25 August 1634 [ WaVR 3]; m. (1) Boston 22 April 1656 William Baker [ BVR 56]; m. (2) by 11 January 1677 (date of father's will) Isaac Steadman; m. (3) after 5 February 1682 (when his second wife was still alive) and before 4 January 1688/9 (when he died) Sylvester Eveleth [ NEHGR 134:301; MLR 16:126-27]. vi JOHN, b. Watertown 16 February 1636 [ WaVR 4]; living on 6 August 1702 when his brother Samuel in his will directed his two sons "to take the full care to provide and maintain my brother John Eddi during his natural life" [ Eddy Gen 30-31], which suggests that John Eddy was then incompetent, and perhaps had been all his life. (The John Eddy who married Sarah Woodward and died in 1694 was son of Samuel, and therefore nephew of this John.) vii BENJAMIN, bur. Watertown in 1639 [ WaVR 6]. viii SAMUEL, b. Watertown 30 September 1640 [ WaVR 8]; m. Dorchester 31 [sic] November 1664 "Sarah Mede" [ DVR 21], daughter of Gabriel Meade. ix ABIGAIL, b. Watertown 11 October 1643 [ WaVR 11]; not mentioned in father's will; no further record. x RUTH, b. say 1645; m. by 1671 Ezekiel Gardner (eldest child of "Ezekiel & Ruth Gardner" b. Boston 1 August 1671 [ BVR 118]). ASSOCIATIONS: Brother of SAMUEL EDDY of Plymouth, of Abigail (Eddy) Benjamin, wife of JOHN BENJAMIN of Watertown, and of Anne (Eddy) Wines, wife of Barnabas Wines of Watertown and Southold [ Eddy Gen 13-22]. COMMENTS: On 29 November 1630 John Winthrop, in a letter to his wife in England, wrote about the recent arrival of the Handmaid at Plymouth, and reported that "Edy of Boxted, who came in her, told me a fortnight since that he had many letters in the ship for me" [ WP 2:319]. William Bradford and the Assistants of Plymouth wrote to John Winthrop and the Assistants of Massachusetts Bay on 6 February 1631/2 on a number of matters of mutual interest to the two colonies, and spoke of "diverse gone from hence, to dwell and inhabit with you," among whom was "John Eedy" [ WP 3:65 In March 1632/3 Winthrop reported that "One John Edye, a godly man of Watertown congregation, fell distracted, and, getting out one evening, could not be found; but, eight days after, he came again of himself. He had kept his strength and color, yet had eaten nothing (as must needs be conceived) all that time. He recovered his understanding again in good measure, and lived very orderly, but would, now and then, be a little distempered" [ WJ 1:120]. On 22 September 1648 a balance was drawn in the accounts between William Hudson Sr. and Lewis Kidby, and one of the items was "for cost given by the Court against his uncle Edey," 3s. [ Aspinwall 235]. John Eddy of Watertown was uncle to Lewis Kidby, since Amy Doggett, wife of John Eddy, was sister of Susan Doggett who had married Lewis Kidby, father of the Lewis Kidby of Boston in 1648 [ Doggett Gen 16; Eddy Family Association Bulletin 4:118-22]. In a letter written from Hamburg on 25 September 1649 to John Winthrop Jr., John Doggett Sr. explained that he had included this letter in another "to my brother Jno. Edy not doubting that he will be careful to convey it unto you" [ WP 5:370; see also WP 6:170, 286]. John Eddy was clearly known to the Winthrops before they left England. Eddy was in Nayland in the mid-1620s, just to the south of Groton, and then apparently moved across the county line to Boxted, Essex, the parish of Rev. GEORGE PHILLIPS who came to Watertown in 1630.

    John married Amie Doggett about 22 May 1620 in England. Amie was born on 16 Jul 1597 in Groton, Suffolk, England; died on 20 Aug 1683 in Rehoboth, MA. [Group Sheet]

  2. 9.  Amie Doggett was born on 16 Jul 1597 in Groton, Suffolk, England; died on 20 Aug 1683 in Rehoboth, MA.


    Re: Eddy Family Bulletin #8 From: EFA President Thomas Eddy Date: 17 Feb 2002 Time: 20:53:14 Remote Name: sdn-ar-005watacop153.dialsprint.net Comments Here are pages 118-122 of EFA Bulletin #8 dated April 1, 1925. You can purchase a hard cover copy of our early bulletins by visiting our website at http://www.eddyfamily.com/Books.html Annual Bulletin 1-20 557 pages many photos, index, covers the historical formative years 1920-1930. $30.00 CONCERNING AME DOGET "I did marrie Ame Doget the Daughter of old John Doget of Groton." These were the words written by John Eddy, the Pilgrim, to Gov. John Winthrop, about the year 1650. Previous to the year 1923 the identity of Ame Doget was unknown. The discovery of the letter referred to gave a clue for research over-seas with the hope that interesting data con-cerning John Eddy and his wife, Ame Doget, might be discovered. It has been assumed that John Eddy and Gov. Winthrop must have been acquainted, if not related, before they came to New England. From the two letters* discovered recently it is apparent that there was a feeling of retribution between these two early settlers, probably for the reason that John and Samuel Eddy held to the Pilgrim spirit, whereas the Governor held to the views of the Puritans. We are now prepared to publish historical data which will show that these two early settlers must have known each other in Groton, England, and that Ame Doget's cousin, Thomas Doggett, married Margery Clompton, while her sister, Thomasine Clompton, married John Winthrop, as his second wife. Bulletins No. 3, p. 32; No. 4, p. 48. [ 118 ] With the historical data given in these pages of the Doggett family is included a copy of the "Pedigree of Doggett of Groton," giving five genera-tions of this family, in which is found the Doggett ancestors of all the Eddy descendants in America of John and Amy (Doggett) Eddy. That the picture may be more interesting and complete we have included notes concerning the Winthrop family. Doggett of Groton, co. Suffolk, England. Armorial Bearings From Suffolk Manorial Families. Vol. i. The Arms allowed at the Visitation of London in 1664 to "John Doget, mchant," descended from Grotten in Suff: were Gules, two greyhounds salaient combatant, Or, collared Argent. The crest was an unicorn's head, Ermine, maned Or, horned Argent. Harl. MS. 1086. The shield is a slight variant of that of Doggett of Honingham and Shernbourn in Norfolk, in which the greyhounds are collared Sable. But the crest of the latter family is altogether distinct - a lion's head erased, Or, gorged with a mural coronet, Sable. Karl. MS. 1552. I. Richard Doggett, a wealthy inhabitant of Groton, co. Suffolk, 1526. Lay Subsity, Norfolk (and Suffolk) 150.257, 18, H. S. (Will not dis-covered, 1925.) II. John Doggett, of Bures St. Mary, co. Suff., Gent. Will, Arch. Sudb., 17 Jan. 1564, proved 6 May, 1565; Lands in Groton, &c.; children under age. (Name of wife not given.) Will of John Doggett, 1564. The xvii daye of January, 1564, John Doggett of Bures St Marye in the come of Suff gentilman. Vnto Wylliam Dogget the younger my sonne my capitall messuage or head howse in Groton called Edmunds, with londes tents, meadows, feedings & pastures in Groton, now in the manuraunce of my brother Willm More or his assignes, one howse called the Dye howse and meadows belonging, one pece of lond, lyinge Shaddow, abuttynge vpon the parsoge lond of Growton, &c., &c., vnto sayd Willm & the heires of his bodie, when he atteyneth his full age of one and twentye yeres: but if he fortune to dye before that tyme without issue lawfully begotten I geve said londes to Jhon my sonne at his age of twentye one. Vnto said Jhon my sonne, when twentye one, and his heirs, I geve my tent called Wrights now in the manuraunce of Jhon Tayler, closes called Maucliffes, Monkes and Meyes, one tent in Stone Street in Boxford, and lands in Groton, Edwardestone & Boxford. If he die without issue said londes to Willm my sonne & the heires of his body. Executor to hold said londes vntil sonnes come to their severall ages of one and twentye yeares, also to have the gouernment, ordre & bringinge vppe of them & of all my children. Vnto Willm Dogget my eldest sonne & his heyres my messauge now in the manuraunce of Jhon Ridsdale & the lands belonging in Groton, also x1 at his full age of one and twentye. Vunto Ann my doghter one 1 119] hundreth markes at her age of one & twentye yeres. Vnto Willm Dogget my youngest sonne my copie holde landes & tenemts called Robbes landes copy of Willm Walgrave Esq. of his m` of lesen Hall. Vnto Robert Lapage v11. Vnto Alice Abbott v' xiijs iiijd. Vnto Thomas lapage iij1 vi° viijd. Vnto Rafe Lapage iij'xiije iiij°. Vnto Alis Edgar my kinswoman iij1 vie viijd. Vnto Jane lapage, Alis lapage & Mary lapage, to euery of them vie viijd. Vnto my sister More xs, my sister Spencer xx°, her daughters & sonnes. To my brother Jhon Abbott xx9 & to Thorns Doggett xi' viijd. To my daughter Ardelye. Vnto the poore of Buris x18, of Groton, xls, of Wilson, xxe. To James Smyth xxe, Thorn Jane xs, Gyles Ashfilde gentleman xxvis viijd Rychard Alen xxe. The residue of my goodes, plate, Jewelles, cattelles &c. equally to my thre children Jhon Doget, Willm Doget & ann Doget. I ordayne my brother Willm Moore of Groton sole executor. Jhon Winter flowed, Willm Alyn &c., witnesses. Probat. sexto die mensis Mai j. 1565. Arch. Sudb. Liber "Arnolde," fo. 154 III. William Doggett, the elder, of Lavenham, 1567. Close Roll 9 Elizabeth, Doggett c. Oder. Sold lands in Groton, Edwardston, Kersey, &c. (The will of this William Doggett has not yet been discovered.) IV. John Doggett of Groton, clothier, 1582. Will. Arch. Sudb. 1619. He is frequently named in Adam Winthrop's Diary. Dorothy, his wife, was buried at Groton, 4 March 1605. Will of John Doggett, 1619 I John Doggett of Groton, co. Suff. Clothier, 22 May 1619, beinge warned through sicknes of mortall estate. Doe make this my last will and testam'. I coin-end my soule into the hands of allmighty god my maker and redeamer. I will that my bodye be decentlye buried in the churchyard of Groton by my late and dear wife at the discretion of Lewis Kidbye and Francis Cooper, my sonnes in lave. I doe giue vnto John Dogget my eldest sonne and his heyres for euer my lands tenem" and hereditam18 in Groton, and one dye house with the lead and fatts and lands in Groton. Vnto Benjamyn Dogget my youngest sone that free-hold messuage in Groton called Streats and two closes holden of the King's Colledge in Cambridge and one messusge called Brokehouse and lands in Wision, co. Suff; and tenement & lands in Neyland & coppiehold lands there. And alsoe the sume of one hundred pounds at his full age of xxiiijue yeares. To Amy Dogget my daughter one hundred pounds. Yf my sonnes John and Benjamyn refuse to pay legacies I appoint my louinge kinsman John Brond of Edwardston Gent. & Joseph Coell of Groton clothier to enter into my lands & satisfy & pay said debts and legacies. Vnto the poore of Groton tenn pounds. Alsoe I doe giue towards the mayntenance of the free schole of Boxford the sume of fower pounds. I hiue vnto Lewis Kidbye my sonne in lawe and Suzan Kidbye my daughter his wife one anuitye of flue pounds - and to their children [120] at their decease fiftye pounds to be equally diuided amongst them. My household stuffe to be equallye diuided betweene my fiue daughters. Bridgett my daughter shall have the first choyse because she is my eldest daughter. To my godsonne John Dogget the sonne of John Dogget xx°, and his daughters two xxe, apiece. To Anne and Suzan the daughters of Francis Cooper and Bridgeit his wife the some of xxe a piece. And to Mary the daughter of Martha Flack my daughter xxe. To the poore of Boxford and Edwardston xxe. I make John and Benmayn Doget my sonnes sole executors. But because John my sonne his abode is beyond the sea it shall require I doe make Francis Cooper my soone in lawe suovisor of this will. I heartily desire him that he will take paynes in this behalfe vntill it shall please god to send him safely into England. And I doe giue for his Labor and paynes soe taken iij1 vie viijd. The make of John Doggett. Sealed and published in the presence of vs Thomas Nicholson, the mke of George Culpecke & ffrancis Cooper. Probatum fuit apud Buriam Ste Edi quarto die Augusti 1619. Et comissa fait Ads° bonor Johanni Doggett vni Executor. xxx° die Augusti 1619 Comp' Beniamin Dogget alter Executor. Et Ads" bonor Sibi comitti. Arch. Sidb., Liber "Gibson", fo. 321. Children of John and Dorothy ( ) Dogget Baptized in Groton, co. Suffolk, England Sarah, bapt. 21 May 1581. William, bapt. 20 Sept. 1592. John, bapt. 24 July 1582. Martha, bapt. 16 Oct. 1593. Susan, bapt. 9 May 1585. Joseph, bapt. 20 Oct. 1595. Bridget, bapt. 21 Aug. 1586. AMIE, bapt. 16 June 1597. Susan, bapt. 3 Sept. 1588. Benjamin, bapt. 19 Nov. 1597. Elizabeth, bapt. 9 Nov. 1589. Abraham, bapt. 8 Dec. 1601. William, bapt. 7 Feb. 1590-1. Mary, bapt. 26 Feb. 1602-3. Marriages in Groton Lewis Kedby and Susan Dogget, 10 Dec. 1611. Thomas Dogget, Gent. and Mrs. Margery Clopton, 22 Apr. 1617. George Ward and Elizabeth Dogget, 7 Apr. 1618. [The marriage record of John Eddy and Amie Dogget has not been discovered up to this time (1925). They were probably married at the home of one of Amie Dogget's brothers or sisters in or near Groton, Suffolk co., England.] Groton, County Suffolk, England Groton, County Suffolk, England, is the ancestral home of our first Governor of Massachusetts, John Winthrop. On the south side of the church in the old town is a tomb placed there as a memorial to Adam Winthrop, the first of the name, who was Lord of the Manor of Groton. Here are buried Governor Winthrop's father, grandfather and possibly great-grandfather. The Winthrop coat of arms is on one end of the tomb and the Latin inscription on the side now partially obliterated translated into English reads as follows: - [121] Heaven the country Christ the way. Here lies the body of Adam Winthrop, Esq., son of Adam Winthrop, Esq., who vvere Patrons of this Church and Lords of the Manor of Groton. The above named Adam, the son, married the daughter of Henry Browne of Edwardston by whom he had one son and four daughters. He departed this life in the year of our Lord 1623, and of his age 75. But Anna his wife, died 1628. She is also buried here with him. On the east end of the church is a large colored glass window placed there in memory of Governor John Winthrop and presented to the church by some of the Winthrop family in America. . . . There is a double window on the south side of the church just above the tomb which was placed there as a memorial to John Winthrop's first and second wives, Mary Forth and Thomasine Clopton. The house in which the Governor of Massachusetts and his son, the Governor of Connecticut, lived is not standing today, but the location is well known. The place was sold soon after John Winthrop, Jr., left there to lead the great Puritan emigration in 1630 to New England. The town of Groton, Massachusetts, is directly indebted for its name to Deane Winthrop, son of Gov. Winthrop, who was born in the parish of Groton, County Suffolk, England, in 1622. He died at Winthrop, Mass., a town also named for him. He was a brother of the Governor of Connecticut, Fitz-John Winthrop. Gov. John Winthrop was educated at Trinity College, Cambridge. Groton, Suff: England, is an ancient town owing to its geographical position played an important part in the early English history. In the days of Norman rule this part of the country was studded with castles and fortresses, the greater part of which were in the vicinity of Groton, which in Dombesday Book is called Grotena. To reach Groton from London, one would pass through the county of Essex, to the town of Sudbury, in the county of Suffolk, which is a town bordering on that of county Essex. A drive to Boxford, which is but a mile walk into the parish of Groton. This English home of the Doggett family lies midway between Hadley and Sudbury in the county of Suffolk. It was formerly the lord-ship of the Abbot of Bury and was granted in 1544, soon after the dis-solution of the Monasteries, to Adam Winthrop, Esq., and this grant may be seen in the Patent Rolls of the Public Record office of London. 344 SUFFOLK MANORIAL FAMILIES. Pedigree, Doggett of roton, Lappage. Richard Doggett, a wealthy inhabitant of= Groton, co. Suffolk, 1526. Lay Subsidy, Nor-folk (and Suffolk) 150.57, 18. H. b. r - John Doggett of Bures = , , Thomas Bacon=-Anne Bacon, d, of=Robert Gosuold . =Al ice Doggett,=William More of Gru- St. Mary, co. Suff., of Hessett, cu, I Rich. Doggett, 2 wife of Otley in co. Lappage, relict of . . . ton, Gent., 2d hu,- Gettt. ~i"ill, Arch. Suffolk, Gent. of Robert Gosuold. Suffolk, Esq.. 2d 1st hus- Laltpage. Ex- baud. Will, P.C.C. Sudb., 17 Jan. 156-1, Will, 10 Mar. 11arl, dfS, 1560. In husband ; no band. I ecutrix to her 9 Stonard, 6 Oct. proved 6 May 1565; 1546 ; had son, her will, Arch. Suff., issue by this mar- second husband. 1566, prob. 8 Mar. lands in Groton, &c.; George Bacon of names niece Alice riage. Hai-I. M3. following; names his children under age. I Hessett, Esq. Edgar & sister More. 1560. brother Doggett. Willtanlh"ooneth,the Ann Dog- Thomas Lapprige-T-Agues, (la. of Ralph Lappage, Alicc, tear. liubert Robert Lappage,T-. . . elder, of Lawenhani, gett, under of Boxford, Gent. Thoma.y Gael of dead 1593, leav- Edgar of Sotterley, devisee of his 1"67. Close Roll 9 , age 1564 ; Will, P.C.C. 34 I Edwardstune. ing issue. co.Suff.,Gent. Her unclel)oggettand Pliz,Doggett c.Oder. was Ann Lawe, 29 Jan. S'nia, P.C.C. 41 - Will, Arch. Sudb., his stepfather Sold lands in Gru- Kent in 1611; then nearly I Drury, 1590. William Lap- is dated 2 Julvl595; More. Had lands ton, Edwiirdston, 1610. 80 years old ; Her sister mar. page had issue. devisee of John in Stoke next Kersey, -&c. prob. 4 .May 1614. Ralph I3tois. Duggett, 1564, Nayland. J_-~ John Dug-=Dorothy, Williaui Doggett of,=Avice Lappage, Susan Lappage, (la. and Mary Lappage, devisee Elizabeth Lappage, (dau. "ett of bur. at Busfor(l, Gent., bore dau. "t, nd colt., colt., mar. John Brond of Wm. More, 1566; and colt. ; devisee, 1595, Groton, Groton, 4 1557. Will, Alston c. mar. aRoxfyrdo of Edwardstone, Gent., wife of Thus. Canham of her aunt Edgar ; wife clothier, Mar. 1605. Do9yett, 1610. Inq, 11591 ; devisee, who in his will, P.C.C. of Aaeiugtun, 1611. of John le Gris, clerk, 1582.Will, See !Fin. p.ni. 12 Jas. 1I.I. iu 1 1650, of Chris- 116 Canibell, 1641, - 1611. His will, Cur. Ep. Artlt. throp's Boxford cliuLcli ; ob. topher Scarlett, name., many of his Alice Lappage, wife of Norw., 11 March 1629, Sudl,-, Diary: 10 Oct., 8 Jas. I her son-in-law. Doggett kinsmen. Will. Hayward, 1611. prov.21 April following. 1619. 1 1• rl~- yM r nanled °in Anne Susan Doggett, Aviv UuggeLL, Alice Duggett, betllt. tout ; uiir. Adam Duggett, bap t. at Boxfurd, bapt. 1598; mar. at Boxfurd, 1624, Christopher 'So: tr- 1i. 1605 ; liapt. at gett,bapt, at lt'inthrnp'a bapt. at 1595; mar. at Gro- I at Boxford,1620, lett of Naylanl. Will, P.C.C. 99 youngest Bosford, Boxfurd, Diary. Boxford, ton,1617, Mr.1lich- to John Bond ; Grey, 23 Sept. 1650 ; prob. 16 May daughter 1606 ; 1599; devisee 1592. ardNorwich. Adana devisee of Chris- 1651. John Scarlett, his son, entered 1610; liv. dead in of his father, Winthrop's Diary. topher Scarlett, pedigree in Essex Visitation, 1664. ing 1641. 1610. 1610. 1650. 1 Tli,,m s Doggett of=~Slargerv, da. of Wil- Lap p age Doggett, John Doggett,btp, Richard Dog-==Sarah, dau. of John le 13osford,Gent., bat t. liam Clopton, Esq., bapt. at Bosford, at Boxford, 1602 ; gett of Had- Gris of Wiston, co.. 1894, soil acid heir. I of Groton; mar. there 1606; bought lauds living 1610. Sup- leigh, co. Suff., Clerk (see above) Joined his mother, 118 June 1617. Her in Monks Eleigh of posed to be the Suffolk, bapt. and Elizabeth Lappage. 1628, in sale of lauds , sister, Thoinasine John Doggett and John Doggett, who at Bosford, Named 1642 in the will to Robert Gurslon, Cl "')'on, wit. 2(l wife Elizabeth, his wife, went with John 1608. of Elizabeth le Gris, Es, 1. Pine, .pof John Winthrop, 1632. Fine,Suf,)lk, Winthrop to New her mother, P.C.C. 4 Chas. Gov. ofMa=saohusetts Hill, 7 Chas. England in 1630. Fines, 1642. J __ 1 l1 illiam Duggett, bapt. at Groton, 618; Richard Doggett, named in will of Avis DT gett, 1642. ElizabethDoggett, nauied in John Broad'.: will, 1641. his grandmother, le Grist 1642. 1642. John Doggett, bapn TElizabeth, da. of . . . Benjamin Duggett,ofTSusan,dau.of Rich. Bridget. wife of AmYDoggett, Elizabeth, .it Groton, 1582; be- Buchton of Hamburg. A-,ington, co. Suff. Monings of Stoke Francis Cooper, Joseph,Abra- youd the seas, 1619 ; Her will, P.C.C. 3'_'0 Will, Arch. Sudb., 19 I next Nayland. His 1619. - - ham & Ben- Hamburg Mer- Alchin, 10 Oct. 1653 ; Aug. 1647 ; had son, I will, P.C.C. 48 Susan, wife of Martha, wife of jamin, bapt. (want, Will 1653. prob. 17 Jan. following. 11 unnings Duggett. ,I Harvey, 1638. LouisKidby,1619. , . . Flack,1619. at Groton. -i ,John Doggett of Lundon,TAlice, dav. and devisee of Richard.nanied,1632. Thomas, Elizabeth, wife of Anne, wife of Mr. Esq., entered pedigree in John Beauchauip of Rci- in the will of Thomas named, 1632, HenryTaylor;dead in George Watson, theVisitation.1665. Will, gate, co. Surrey, E,sp., 6 Bladwell of London, in Thomas 1653 ; had sons John having issue, 1679, F.C.C. 46 Bath, 26 Dec. June 1653, when lie made merchant, his uncle, Bladwell's and Francis Taylor. Esther, wife of Hugh 1679 ; prow. 6 April 1680. rill, Y.C.C. 107 Aylett. P.C.C. 320 Alchin. will. Norris. _ _ _J- B"aucliamp Join Doggett, 2d son in 1665, 13e jamin Doggett, 3d son in 1665, Alice, wife of David Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Juatui Duggett, son of Carolina in America, 1703, of Lunlon, Merchant. Died at Kings- De Bary, 1699 ; Otgher of London, merchant, unl heir,aged where he had a wife and tun, Jamaica. Will, Comics. Lond., 8 named, 1703, in the 1679. Mar. tic., 20 Dec. 1671. ti in 1665. children, but then " lodging in July 1703, proved 14 Sov, 1706, by John will of BenjaminDog- Had dau., Katherine, wife of the Fleet ". and very pour. Doggett, his brother, exor. and heir. gett, her brother. David Longuemantle, 1698..

    1. Sarah Eddy was born in 1626 in England; died on 3 Feb 1709/10 in Boston, MA.
    2. Pilgrim Eddy was born on 25 Aug 1634 in Watertown, MA.
    3. 4. Samuel Eddy was born on 30 Sep 1640 in Watertown, MA; died on 22 Nov 1711 in Watertown, MA.
    4. Abigail Eddy was born on 11 Oct 1643; died before 1677.
    5. John Eddy was born on 16 Feb 1636/37 in Watertown, MA.
    6. John Eddy was born on 29 Mar 1624 in Nayland, England.
    7. John Eddy was born on 9 Jun 1622 in Nayland, England; died on 8 Feb 1622/23 in Nayland, England.
    8. Mary Eddy was born on 10 Mar 1624/25 in Nayland, England; died on 19 Sep 1683.
    9. Benjamin Eddy died in 1639 in Watertown, MA.
    10. Ruth Eddy was born in in Watertown, MA.